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for those of you fond of quoting next gen wars try this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx3zVUdBxB0 it somewhat casts doubt on any validity about how it calculates the figures.. its info thats new to ME, so sorry if you already knew
why would i pay for different software? when the point of my post was that freeware does the same job?
but the thing is you DONT want it... you keep on and on about the iPhone monkeybucket.. err.. junior... i dont think you like Apple at all, i think you dont know what koolaid is... i think you see the glass half empty... etc. roll on the iPhone in all its possible forms formats and furryness --- oh yeah...for those complaining about the email, if you dont want spamail sent to you... heres a hint... dont sign up for it yes... it IS that simple
glad you got it sorted out... i tend to stay away from AVIs if i can help it but MPEGstreamclip would have delt with that prob as well and its free. i use streamclip a LOT for editing out ad breaks in recorded programing from my DVR but i didnt know it could deal with DVDs..
dude you are so WRONG (might as well type what im thinking!) i have a "fool proof" way of getting into space, does that mean im going? does it mean i will ever get there? ....probably not... but there is a chance, yes, there IS a chance.
WRONGGGGGGG this great news to be honest, funny was rerading only thismorning that billy gates is starting to see things steves way RE DRM as well.... kinda funny how he's always a few steps behind...
OT, but man... i dont think its iTunes thats the problem there????? geez
which STRANGELY means that SS finnished the work Kubrick started... thus finnishing the film
harrison put money into "The Life of Brian" its a film.. you may have heard of it.... now, that was George Harrisons OWN private money... MAYBE?BUT, as Apple Inc have got hold of all the AppleCORE trademarks and things, and licence certain things back to AppleCORE as per the agreement reached earlier in the year....would a BIGer announcment be some MOVIES on iTunes in the UK AT LAST?IF somehow Harrisons money was tied up and into AppleCORE and "The Life of Brian" is...
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