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you think they will get many sign ups from people called John?
dang! you beat me to it!
what you say is true... but then so is what i said. its a matter of opinion after all critics are only opinions in print
thats a matter of opinion but sorry.. i thought raw numbers were now frowned upon on this thread
one might also ask "what the **** is a "Buck"?
if it had the "drum Grid" editor in it then i would have 2 copys in a flash! ---dont let Ireland see this, and try and sell him that its a Leopard UI... its NOT green enough and he wont be happy---- aright mate
glad to hear it reboot, then reboot again.. that usually sorts things in my (admittedly limited) experiance, then check for updates than repair permissions wow i love Macs
didnt someone post that netflix(?) posted 1% of their rentals were HiDef formats.. which accounted for 14,000 discs... so i know its not SALES, but expanding that up gets you 1,400,000 discs...ahh..memory fails me, was that a month? or a week? still its not a LOT is it 1%... but then Apple plan on "only" getting 1% of the Phone market and we all think that would be good...
Thanks for the listing, to help make a point im gonna use it in MY opinionthats a few films that are ok... the rest.. quite forgettable really...mm.. i wonder will murch quote me and crow that these are all on BD and that the scant few films on HD-DVD are... or WILL be better.to counter in advance let me say murch that, MY point is that there are very few films full stop. that i am bothered with on ANY release schedule... but BD having more studios.. leaves me with more...
i remember buying DVDs for £25-30 (thats $50-60!!) even though the VHS was £5 ($10) i mean i thought this was the greatest thing.. the QUALITY.. now i cringe.. i could get 4 od 5 DVDs for that same money NOW... so im personally holding off the HiDef disc buying as long as i can.. but in principal the "new formats" are, as you imply up against the (now old) format of SD-DVD. {just as DVD was up against VHS}i have most of the "classic" films i want, in a "good enough"...
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