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did you try a simple reboot? fully updated?
im sure plenty of "respected" people have said similar RE VHS to DVD in the past... anything anyone says is pointless... numbers have no meaning wooooo... we're all teh doomed! welcome to the future of HiDef discs where left is white and up is a fanboy lie...wooooo... etc.
and whats the rumour about iTunes Singles downloads counting towards Album sales?? first post BTW
what... so you believe that M$ has SOLD all the ten million consoles it has shipped?if figures mean nothing... then 99% (a meaningless figure) of the posts on this thread mean nothing as well.---oh yeah... i KNOW this is anecdotal and is only one shop... but there are a TON of Wii's sitting in the local game here has been since xmas, but then different regions different demands... so i guess that is meaningless as well ...wow... everything we say is meaningless
for those who will dismiss the figures... i include them for your pleasure PS3 sells 78,000 in 48 hours in France //The PS3 broke the French Wii record of 75,000 units sold in the first 48 hours, and they also broke the Xbox 360 launch sales which sold 49,000 units. In the Benelux (for the people who don't know that's The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg combined), Sony sold 80% of their 54,000 units which were available on the launch day. //
//More than a million consoles were shipped across Europe on launch day last week with 600,000 sold.// Linky
agreed! BD isnt going anywhere quick, Sony at least are commited to it for the next ten years in thaty its the disc format for PS3 GAMES. neither format is going to "die" quickly unfortunately, unless ONE studio decides to go BD... or 2-3 studios decide to go HD-DVD.. but BD has 2 reasons to hang around ..movies and PS3 games
seriously dude... you want me to cosy up to microsoft instead.. those paragons of virtue....
funny what happens when you pick and chosefrom the SAME artical
the out of touch use of kickin it still carrys over the impression that using a PC is old hat though ...originally wanted to post... another tuesday, another lack of new hardware... this is getting painful but hey ho.. the interest is better in MY account that in apples
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