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as mentioned above it was 60 days Vs 56 days
SPINso BD has more movies... but thats al right cos HD-DUD has less.. but thats alright cos YOU are happy enough with less... therefore...?? YOU think the format is best... SPINNNNNNthe crowing you would be doing, the claiming you would manage the SPINNNNN you would be SPINNING if ONLY HD-DUD was outselling BD by that same ratiommm...i guess you have at least ONE point there what... as opposed to plenty of the FUD you display at any given time? come on... wheres the...
again with the SPIN... seriously, they supplied a LOT of consoles to the UK WAY more than the unbeaten record 185,000 PSPs that were sold when it launched... so... the OVER supllied.. it SEEMS like a plan dont it? you same people would be whinging an moaning if they HADNT met demand.. funnily enough SPINING it back the other way
i was gonna post the UK launch weekend figures.. but someone beat me to it SPIN... you want SPIN?? read murchs posts... actually DONT you will only get dizzy
well she is .. what.. 48?
que Ireland posting about AN Apple TV ...as opposed to THE Apple TV
well to be fair you DID "backhandedly" say he couldnt even post a link properly.
a failure compared to what exactly sold more than the PS1 on launch... sold more than the PS2 on Launch sold more than the xbox on launch sold more than the xbox360 on launch not yet sold as many as the wii, but catching up all the time see a pattern? point me to the failure part PLEASE oh enlightened one
the bold text is for clarity FRAN isnt saying it... Apple said it when they withdrew the cube, the sales WERE NOT THERE. while i dont agree with Fran on the super drive issue, he does make perfectly sound reasonable and factually documented sense Re the midrange mac.. Apple dont see a market for it FULL STOP. end of story. windows people arnt sitting around on windows forums posting comments along the lines of "oh woah is me, when can i buy an apple computer" in their...
thank you
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