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one of the smartest comments on this thread goes unnoticed!.. (hardly surprises me ) "now id buy that for a dollar" i could see this offered in the next year?? or included as part of iLife XX (which i supose will now have to be 08 by the time its released - har har) or included for free in Leopard? but would the "Apple faithful" buy it in huge numbers for $19.95 a pop? or would it just "remain" front row 2.0 ?? having as i do, my mini hooked up to the TV (and thats where...
funny that.. i have my mini hooked up to the TV via HDMI and it still manages to display a picture... which is more than you imply it is capable of
im sorry but within the first few line i had to augh at the SPIN from that site // By comparison the HD DVD launch went off without a hitch, while the Blu-ray launch was plagued with “problems”.// un like the small "problems" of HD-DVD selling less and less while BD sells more and more well come on.. the thread needs a stir!
i have an opinion and cant be bothered to do the smallest amount of research on the topic ... ie go look at the apple TV page on Apples website to see that it DOES do the things i "hear" it doesnt. i think i'll start a new thread... part of the rules here state you shouldnt really be rude to other posters... but if they insult your intelligence by posting waffle... cant we bend the rules a BIT? funny, but the word GONK comes to mind
if you meanis pathetic then i agree. if you are implying that Sony had enough product to ensure the demand was met, was pathetic... then i dont agree.
that sort of says it all HD SPEC. has nothing to do with QUALITY... quality is subjective, spec is a REQUIREMNET and that requirment is the ability to playback "movies" at a rez of 1920 x 1080 which the 24"iMac CAN do and the 20" iMac CANT do.... THAT is the point we were making, which you seem unable to understand... im not saying i know much more than you, but its not THAT hard to grasp
i think the American ones seem better.. partly cos we are more used to them... but the newer ones are growing on me, and becomeing more "the norm" bring em on, is all i can say
its looking more likely to be "just" Blu-ray in MBPs Apple dont like that many options, so ONE "winning" format would make sense in the "Apple way" of doing things .... IMO....YMMV
like that ever matters thanks for the update if it were mine, id have moved it to the TV with the necessary inputs, at least to TRY it out in Colour
wow, no-body thinks theres anything to discuss on this? i guess everyone is too busy just "feeling the love" with the Apple TV which is great
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