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Is there anyway to setup a custom ringtone for all numbers in a range, like have all numbers that start with 555-555-**** a particular tone?
any chance we'll be able to get non-black bumpers? I want a white one, but it says they're unavailable on Apple's site. If they're not giving them away, why can't u buy one?
I've been trying to perform a search, but it just keeps going to a completely blank page. Any idea what's going on?
okay, glad I'm not the only one. It was starting to freak me out a little. Hopefully they can issue an update to fix this soon, it's very annoying, particularly when it happens multiple times in the same call and you have to keep asking people to repeat what they said.
I don't know how many times this has happened, but I am putting almost every call I get on hold/mute. I had the original iPhone and 3G, and the button was in the same location on the screen, yet this NEVER happened to me. Every time this has happened on my iPhone 4 the phone was held up to my ear, so not sure how it's even happening. Is this happening to anyone else?
I hope you're kidding. There will be tons of people there that didn't pre-order and want one who are going to be there when the store opens.My hope is to go around 10-11. It's late enough that the initial crowd will be gone, early enough that kids who want one or pre-ordered won't be up yet (sleeping in during summer) and I can probably get in/out of the mall before traffic gets bad. I'm also taking the day off, which probably isn't an option for most people.
So I pre-ordered/reserved an iPhone 4 from the Apple store and got a confirmation e-mail the day it happened. I've gotten nothing since then, which I wasn't expecting anyway...... Went to store yesterday and talked to someone there and was informed I should be getting an e-mail with an appointment time to come pick it up. Anyone know if this is true?
Not a good option for some of us. I either would have to pre-sign for it and let FedEx leave my $830 shiny new toy at the door of my duplex...OR drive 45 minutes (further than the nearest Apple store) to FedEx's office and pick it up there during their business hours. The choice was pretty simple for me. If I could have actually been home to pick it up, I would have pre-ordered it. My boss and a co-worker both have one and they had their wives sign for it since they were...
I reserved my iPad with the notify me option last Saturday. I didn't think demand would be as much as it was, so I decided not to go on Friday....went first thing Saturday morning and they were out. Seventh business day is Tuesday....I'm going to lose my mind if it's not here by then. Only reason I didn't preorder was because I wouldn't have been here to sign for the package, and nearest FedEx office 1 hour away...same as the Apple Store. Sigh, this turned from...
Throttling is incredibly lame, if they're going to do that they shouldn't even offer it.
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