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they do that on iPhones, so I'd bet it's the same on an iPad.
i wouldn't put a ton of faith into what a sales rep at a store or on the phone said. Besides, 4Gi? That's a worse name than the iPad. Unless the phone is a true 4G phone (as in, LTE) calling it 4G will just create a lot of confusion.
personally, I'm hoping Netflix puts Hulu out of business. They already let you see some shows on instant streaming before they are released on DVD (like Heroes), why not extend this to more shows? I'd even be willing to pay another $5/month for that service. At least with Netflix, I'll be able to stream on my macbook, iPhone, iPad, and just as important on my ps3/xbox360 on my big screen. After I graduated from school I quickly realized I was never home enough to watch...
Hi All, I recently purchased a optical to mini-toslink cable that I started using with my Airport Express and I absolutely love it. The thing I don't like is that I can't stream Pandora, so I just decided to hook my MacBook up to it directly using the same cable and port, but for some reason it doesn't work. When I plug the cable in, it switches to optical output so I know it's recognizing the cable. In addition, the other end of the cable (that goes to my receiver)...
Cool, I just wanted to confirm before going through all the trouble. I understand they have standard responses, but this isn't even a very complicated or technical question. I was going to be surprised if it didn't work, because that would mean they intentionally blocked it which would be dumb. Anyway, thanks.
Ok, well I was wondering the EXACT same thing because I have a similar setup. I decided to just ask the the Apple support online. Here's the convo: So I asked twice, they're claiming you have to have an external drive. It doesn't make any sense, especially if any external drive will work. Has anyone tried to confirm yet? I bought an internal to use as the time machine drive, but don't want to open it till I'm sure. I won't be able to install Leopord until tomorrow...
I love how everyone has to wait till 6 and I could have gotten it mine @ 11am this morning. I pre-ordered it online, free shipping and they sent it priority overnite so it was suppose to be here my 10 but fedex was late. Not a big deal to me cuz I was at work anyway so I just went to the fedex place @ 5 and picked mine up....makes me laugh at all the people that really wanted it as soon as it came out, yet didn't think to just order it online. I know some people are...
sorry, posted this then figured out how to do what i was asking and it wouldn't let me delete my post.
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