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I was wondering if there is anyway to lock my powerbook when i step away from it. Searching the help only told me how to enable a pw on waking/screensaver. What i am looking for is something like when you press cntrl+alt+del --> lock computer in XP/2000 (sorry for all the windows references in my posts but its what i've used for 10 years and only had the pb for 8 months and am still learning some tricks) Thanks inadvance, kernel
ok so i have pop ups blocked, unfortunately there are some sites i go to that it blocks pop ups i need (my e-mail for example when trying to compose a message). Is there anyway to only allow *select* sites to have pop ups. I know IE for windows lets you, so i was wondering if safari does too. thanks in advance
normally i wouldn't care about this, but i'm now @ school logging onto my WiFi network, and one of hte programs i run is accessing the web and causing me lots of problems so i want a firewall to block this. Can anyone suggest a free app to do this with? Thanks in advance
well i tried that on the 3 avi's i had, didn't fix any of them unfortunately. When i burn them to disc and play them on my other laptop (toshiba) it plays hte video just fine. Any other ideas?
well after doing some searching online i found a codec that would work on a mac to use play AVI files. Well my problem is that quicktime will play the files but i get no audio, very frustrating. Can anyone point me to a codec that works?
i know it sounds like i'm crazy. I work @ Circuit City and we finally got WiFi setup. I can literally, go to our open box room, grab a random comp and it will connect no prob, u just hit connect. When i click on the wifi icon at the top bar on my pb and then the name of the ssid it pops up the box w/ wep or you can select all the other types of encryption. Anyway thanks for all the advice, i guess i'll try again. kernel
yeah i checked that and it is the right router. I don't know why it won't connect. I have my router set to automatic but when i go i see its not connected so i click on the SSID of hte desired router and then it prompts me for a WEP or the like, i don't know how to just connect to it, seems simple but its driving me nuts. tia
well if i am somewhere that i has wep or the like i can connect to it fine (so long as i have the key of course) but when i go to connect to routers taht aren't protected in any way, my pb tells me it needs a wep and i know for a fact the 2-3 routers i've tried it on don't b/c i can pull out my pc and connect to it no problem. I'm running on panther and am still relatively new to the Mac OS so any help would be greatly appreciated. btw i hope this is in the right forum, i...
wow that is awsome. thanks
is there a freeware app to make PDFs. I just need to make 1 PDF that has a few images i've scanned in and i can't find any for OS X
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