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I just got my new pb and I am about to enter college and i know i will be doing powerpoint presentations left and right and would like to get a good presentation remote. I had one but it died, and since i'm replacing it i'd like to get a good one that is bluetooth. Preferibly it would be able to control the mouse, have forward and back buttons and a laser pointer. Closest thing to that i've found is the one from logitech but it doesn't double as a mouse and is way...
what all should i get for my new powebook????? So far i've got: Office 2004 Photoshop CS another freeware program to rip songs off my ipod to itunes but the name slips my mind Things i plan on getting soon: Norton: Systemworks and or Utilities/Antivirus/Internet Security/PF a website development tool like dreamweaver but not sure what yet.... what else do U guys think are MUST have software
thanks for all the replies, i guess i just found it odd you had to put 98% of it into the drive especially when it ejects it half way out but i could see what you said being the reason.
just wondering how far into the drive it usually has to be for it to "suck" it in, it seems like on mine i have to leave only about 1/4" out and then it will pull it in, just seems odd as my car's cd player only has to have the disc about half-way in and it pulls it in.
my old laptop just died and i replaced it w/ a powerbook. What i want to know is what software that i currently have will work on my pb w/o me having to buy a new copy since i am no longer using my current license. Specifically i want to know about Photoshop and Frontpage 2003. I already went ahead and got office 2004 for students and teachers for mac but no frontpage and i don't like dreamweaver........ Thanks in advance,
i did and in 2 seconds i listed 2 articles which immediately got shot down by the mac gods, SURPRISE SURPRISE, apple users not wanting to admit OS X is not the second coming? shocker. And yeah, i am (well will be as of wed.) a mac owner, but one that doesn't think anything is perfect. EOD.
i dunno i'm not gonna argue, and this thread is getting off topic, i just think its impossible to think NO ONE has ever made a virus for OS X, anywhere, EVER. Just my .02. Now everyone quote this and disagree............
if no virus' existed, why would there be several anti-virus programs out there, besides the obvious reason to make money? Simple google search found this artivle about one @ thealders.net "A new virus targeting Mac OS X is not expected to cause much trouble. But malcode experts said it should serve as a warning to those using alternatives to Microsoft that their machines are not attack-proof. “I don’t see this particular virus as much of a threat, but I worry about...
newsflash- there are viruses for macs, just few and far between. Its just unrealistic to think No one would make a virus fro a platform used by a decent number of people, granted that percent is not anything close to that of pc's but still, I just made the switch (well, my pb ships tomorrow according to them) so.
Sorry, maybe i'm reading this correctly but it from what it sounds like, Apple doesn't have their computers made here? I figured all parts made somewhere else but were finally assambled here (maybe a dumb assumption but nonetheless).... Guess that explains why its taking so long. I wish their online site listed more details, guess i'll just have to call them when they open back up tomorrow.
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