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hmm interesting. Lady at my local apple authorized retailer said they don't cover surges tho they probably can't tell so if its not a big one they'll fix it. Sounded like bs as most places that sell extended warranties cover surges but i dunno. If apple care does cover it i think i'm going to get it on my powerbook in a few months, it only costs me 240 since i am a student.
Fayetteville, AR Don't make fun of it either, U of A gets the 3rd largest donations.........y u might ask? Little known companies have their worldwide HQ 30min north of us (really, this is all one big small metropolitan area of 400k) 1.Wal-Mart largest retailer in the world 2. JB Hunt - biggest trucking company in the world 3. Tyson Foods- largest chicken, beef and pork producer in the world.... And yes, we wear shoes.
you could try getting a USB adapter that will work through WiFi from Netgear or another company that works w/ OS X
as in they have it built and its ready to ship but haven't or they're still working on the order and its not ready to ship?
I was in the same position as the OP, except no games. I chose the PB, y? faster, which will ensure it lasting longer. More memory is something i plan on adding anyway later on to the PB in about 6-8 months after i find a good deal i wanted a superdrive better video card The last 2 things you can't really improve/add onto later on down the road, plus it just has a better build. Go w/ the PB, you won't regret it.
What does this mean Order Items Part No. Est. Ship Qty PBG4 12/1.5/512/80/SD/APX/BT-USA M9691LL/A On or before 03/02/2005 1 Open ???? TIA
basically i want to know what all you guys recommend...... mice, port replicators, dvi cables, software, etc. etc.......basically what all should i get for my new powerbook, i'm new to the mac world, PB should be here in early march..... kernel
yeah sorta, tho i thought this was actually one made by apple, tho $180's not extremely bad. Btw noticed you're in Siloam, i'm in Fayetteville, recommend any good places to get stuff for apples? (besides MegaByte)
does it exist? I thought i saw one on the apple site but can't seem to find it, maybe i was hallucinating. Thank in advance
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