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The timber in my house date from the 1580s. This is quite common in my part of the UK.
This barn has been very unsympathetically restored within the last 10 years. Why save this characterless barn yet allow Jobs to destroy the much more architecturally interesting Spanish Colonial revival Jackling House on his property a few years ago ? Americans sanctify the pointless and destroy the magnificent. The old Penn Station was destroyed, as would Grand Central have been had it not been for Jackie Kennedy at al.
Having read the first few pages of Microsoft’s site, I can honestly say I would rather be sealed in vat of my own excrement than use Windows.   Would anyone exchange the seamless Apple experience for the horrors and confusion of Windows ? Have you noticed that what takes one paragraph (or one sentence) to explain in the MacBook column takes several paras on Surface Pro column ? Read "Why isn’t the menu bar at the top of my screen anymore?” section for a good example of...
"Hepatic feedback" ? Now that *would* be a first. Perhaps to alert you when you’ve had too much to drink ? Apart from this, nice one Dan.
Then perhaps your relatives need to talk to my relatives.And that really is me out of here.
After years of Israeli provocation and refusal to engage in any meaningful peace process, do you think it’s surprising that the people of Gaza, sick of the Israelis and the corruption of their own government, voted for extremists ? And what about the shooting dead of unarmed Turkish protesters on the peace convoy ? Israeli’s crimes are pretty much endless, but they get away with it with a slick propaganda campaign and the immediate labelling of ‘anti-semite’ to anyone who...
Please read some unbiased history (e.g. Jews for Justice for Palestinians http://jfjfp.com). The land I refer to is Palestinian land agreed by international accord. This has been systematically stolen by settlements which are completely illegal under international law. Most recently the Apartheid Barrier the Israelis built stole huge swathes of Palestinian land. Israel has ignored numerous UN resolutions on this subject. Israel is attempting to Bantustan Palestine, to...
Yes, the Israelis do all that and far, far worse. Mostly in the settlements they built illegally on land stolen from the Palestinians. They also shoot dead unarmed children for throwing stones and steal water supplies from the Palestinians, as well as making their life hell by forcing apartheid on them. See www www.palestinecampaign.org for more.
This man should be in the dock for war crimes, not being feted by Tim Cook et al.   Shame on you Apple, shame on you.
New Posts  All Forums: