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  I would agree whole heartedly; I consider myself a power user, Pro Apps (FCP and LOGIC, and ADOBE) being my primary usage, but my excitement has been blunted over the last couple of years that the boundless possibilities and potential of iOS integration into desktop and Macbook 'power' machines has not, in my opinion, been as fully utilised as it could have been.  I have seen some remarkable innovations, and ballsy decisions, made over the future of 'pro' workflows over...
I definitely don't mean a direct port of one OS to the other, but a Jonny Ive redesign of the UI would be a unique opportunity to replicate the user experience on both OS's and unify much more of the functionality? A dedicated OS for each but a look and the same  'feel' whatever the platform. 
Looking at the minimal designs and possible references to the new operating systems on the WWDC 13 conference centre posters, I wanted to moot the idea that what Apple are going to announce in the keynote is a cross platform OS (7 & X) and gauge peoples' feelings on whether they think it workable and possibly revolutionary for Apple: What I was initially struck by were the 'Mac Pro'-esque dots as the background to the '7' poster and the minimal references alongside the...
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