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http://alistapart.com/article/sandbags Lucky it didn't refer to teabagging
And so it begins again...
The AI bot is almost as bad.  Look at the new postings and 80%+ are AI generated.  
Six pages before I got to a thread not written by a bot 
Who are 2nd world countries?
Voodoo.  Black Magic.  Small penis. Huddler Useless.  Repent unbeliever! 
No issues here either.
Any consolation but we constantly refer to NZ falling into third world status.  I did smirk (not LOL) about paperless governance.  Bureaucracy breeds paper. 
Said I wasn't going to post anymore in thread but thought I would make an exception. Thank you for keeping us informed and our thoughts are with you.
I thought the standard reply would be 90210. Being from a country that does not use zip codes this is the zip code that "works".
New Posts  All Forums: