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Voodoo.  Black Magic.  Small penis. Huddler Useless.  Repent unbeliever! 
No issues here either.
Any consolation but we constantly refer to NZ falling into third world status.  I did smirk (not LOL) about paperless governance.  Bureaucracy breeds paper. 
Said I wasn't going to post anymore in thread but thought I would make an exception. Thank you for keeping us informed and our thoughts are with you.
I thought the standard reply would be 90210. Being from a country that does not use zip codes this is the zip code that "works".
No offense but this thread is getting a little stalkerish with a lot of information being bandied about that while being in the public domain would take a lot of time and effort to extrapolate.   Yes, I understand that she meant a lot to the forums, but I think we could be a little more discrete about it.    If she is gone, then she is gone and maybe we look to honour her memory with a donation to something she believed in. If she has sadly passed, then the charity...
I think the standard response is, "Proud of you".   Never frequented MR but there always seems to be a lot of refugees!
Rock solid here on my PowerPC Quad.  You Intel early adapters need to harden up.   Power PC.  **** Yeah!  
I have never seen the point in shutting down a puter when sleep works perfectly fine.  
New Posts  All Forums: