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Rock solid here on my PowerPC Quad.  You Intel early adapters need to harden up.   Power PC.  **** Yeah!  
I have never seen the point in shutting down a puter when sleep works perfectly fine.  
You came back! And yes fuddler sucks, and yet for some reason they persist with this abomination.
Do they have Double Anal Sluts?  Maybe a reason for upgrading...
You may want to connect directly to the router via ethernet to isolate if it is a wireless issue.  Also OS9 is going back in the day and even an old iMac should be able to use OSX which will be better supported.   Can you confirm which mac you have?   This will allow people to have a better grasp of what the issues maybe as at the moment they are a little vague.  Also friends don't let friends use IE.  It's bad.  
Says a lot about the state of the forums doesn't it.
Delete the offending receipt?  By no means take this as gospel as I was loth to reply as I am not sure if I am correct.  Maybe move/rename the receipt and see what happens.   I am assuming that when you run SU it is looking through your receipts saying you have this app and that it needs to update it (even though you don't have it)
Someone correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't SU use the receipts folder to determine if something can be updated. 
Honestly if you think those are two examples are bannable offences then I think the problem is evident.  You have a thick skin where people attack you but not quite so when the mothership is attacked.     There will always be haters, people with differing opinions.  To delete posts because you don't agree with them is the issue.  Apple is bigger than you and does not need you to protect them from the "evil empire".     There are plenty of people here who are apple fanboys...
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