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As a NZ'er I found this post offensive and derogatory towards our men in blue who are doing fine work.  Unfortunately I can not see which of the seven TOS it violates but I demand TS delete this obnoxious post for its contentious nature.
Do you know what they are? Where to find them? Think they are relevant assuming you can find them?
Unplug all the unnecessary crap and try again.  Also if you look at the console logs it may tell you what is happening.
Oh noes!  
Guess that is the problem. Every country needs government, it is getting the balance right though that is the issue.
An intriguing proposition.  How does the government exert any control over the country when it seems that it has not part in it at all?  And if it does, where does it derive its revenue to facilitate its governance?   Also in regards to Somalia I would claim complete ignorance in regards to its governance as all we hear is regarding the atrocities that are occurring and then extrapolate that this is what the norm in Somalia is.  Also not down playing that some seriously...
Nice to see this old friend back on the front page.  Puts a smile on my dial every time.   Mittens 4 teh winz!  
Comparing the USA to Uganda?  In 1970?  The more I digest your post the more ridiculous it reads.   Bat Shit Crazy Town.
Do you honestly think that if the American public are disarmed that the Government will start mass killing them?  Delusional.  That you even put this forward as an argument says a lot about you as a person.  And I don't care if this is considered to b a personal attack, but your argument is bat shit fucking crazy.
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