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Now now, we have 3 posts in the last two days. It even took two, yes two threads to accomplish this landslide of posting! RETAIL DISCUSSION RECAP FOR THE LAST WEEK: A rehash of a previous thread stating the planned upcoming stores. Someone excited that one of these stores is in their area. Someone asking when a store might open. If it gets any quieter, tumbleweeds will start blowing through it.
Do you also "just miss" when you go to the toilet? But close enough is good enough.
I hope they are pretty and shiny. Maybe even a smidgen of animation as well. Yippee!
Not enjoying the merge...... Admittedly I enter through the new posts door, but when I am looking for a thread from a few days ago it becomes troublesome. Yes, I could use search, but then you could argue why not pile it ALL together into one big pile of S. 2c
Don't you mean: Dumming doun off 'merika
Do not expect an answer to those crash reports. In your applications folder you should have a utilities folder. Look for an app called console. This will allow you to look at the logs for the crashing applications. I think if you look in the ~/Library/Logs section, then Crash Reporter, you should be able to get more info about the nature of the crash. If you post the most recent crashs (the logs can be quite long though you have only be up for a few days so maybe not)...
I owe about a years worth of my current income before tax. However this is a drastic reduction from the 1.5 years worth it was about a year ago. At my debt peak I had 50% of my years income sitting on my CC earning a fantastic rate of interest! How much do I owe? Not telling.
I think when burning a CD is makes a hidden copy on your HD that is transferred across (very laymans term/understanding). Download OmniDiskSweeper (its free - sort of) and it will allow you to see where these files are. If you purchase it, it also allows you to delete them as well.
Not sure if I can help you but looking at my system I currently have: 90932 pageins and 54314 pageouts. However looking at your Memory used you are maxing it out as it says you only have 14.9MB free out of your 1024MB. I am not sure if this is RSize or VSize ( I think it is RSize)that is shown above. A real guru should hopefully come along soon....
But if I have a nice pair of Sony-DJ700's that make everything sound louder.....allowing me to have it at a lower volume, this would save more battery life???
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