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Have you also played around with the Tools/Template and Add ins? This might give you a bit more control over what you want. Though this is all pure guessing - never done it myself.
Applecare does not cover the user throwing the laptop against the wall.
If you are talking about standard files such as .doc, .xls, and .pdf etc then yes. If you are talking about .exe then no.
Gipped! That's the same teat!
I can not claim SHP as my own, it was a classic South Park episode. Not living in the US I have no real understanding on the feel of the case, though most people I talk to in my neck of the woods think he is innocent, but fvcked in the head. How such a "talented " (I hate his music but will acknowledge his talent) person can be so out of touch with reality, scares me.
I wish I lived in the fantasy world that SDW2001 lived in. To believe that we are not the biggest danger on this planet is sheer folly. Only when it is gone will you truly realise what you have lost, but of course you will never be able to blame yourself. WAKE UP! This planet does not give a shit about conservatism/liberalism, money and power. It is about doing what is right for every species on this planet (except cockroaches, I hate cockroaches!). All...
Do I think he thinks he is guilty, "No". Do I think he is guilty, "Yes". MJ lives in a fantasy world. He may not realise that Sexual Harassment Panda is at work, but he is surely getting into mischief. Jail will kill MJ.
Me not so sure - from http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7045561/ SANTA MARIA, Calif. - As Michael Jackson's molestation trial opened Monday morning, District Attorney Tom Sneddon told jurors the pop star exposed a 13-year-old boy to "strange sexual behavior." advertisement The prosecutor described sexually explicit details of two incidents involving the accuser in Jackson's bed. Sneddon said the accuser and his brother will describe both incidents on the...
All I know is that I am 16th in line at the moment to get one of these puppies! (though is is good to hear solutions to "issues")
I somehow find it reassuring that a product that was put out years ago is "safer" than a product that was still available months ago by MS. Wonder what version of Jag they were using?
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