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I think when burning a CD is makes a hidden copy on your HD that is transferred across (very laymans term/understanding). Download OmniDiskSweeper (its free - sort of) and it will allow you to see where these files are. If you purchase it, it also allows you to delete them as well.
Not sure if I can help you but looking at my system I currently have: 90932 pageins and 54314 pageouts. However looking at your Memory used you are maxing it out as it says you only have 14.9MB free out of your 1024MB. I am not sure if this is RSize or VSize ( I think it is RSize)that is shown above. A real guru should hopefully come along soon....
But if I have a nice pair of Sony-DJ700's that make everything sound louder.....allowing me to have it at a lower volume, this would save more battery life???
Turn off shuffle. Turn off clicker. Dim the screen. Do not use the backlight. Prepare a playlist that you can play through with issues. You should get 8 hours easy. The less you touch it the better. I think sound volume also plays a part (can anyone confirm?), so take a good pair of headphones.
I think an important question is, "If the majority votes to keep, will this in fact happen?"
Defrag is meant to be done by OSX automatically, though there is a size limit (from memory 20MB files are not done). There have been many a debate (read arguments) about the need for defrag. I personally think there is no need, and have not done one in over two years on my PB. YMMV. However when your HD turns to custard then you will need a utility that can repair the drive. This utility is NOT Norton. Defrag + Norton = Dead HD. OK, the above equation is...
My advice to you, which you will not like, is to throw that CD into the bin. Norton Utilities for the Mac has been discontinued, as far as I know, due to its ability to destroy HD's instead of fixing them. A good place to look is the reviews on Amazon, or do a quick google search. DiskWarrior and TechToolPro have a much more respected name at the moment. If you can take it back, do so. Though do not just take word, hopefully others will chime in to support me.
Have you also played around with the Tools/Template and Add ins? This might give you a bit more control over what you want. Though this is all pure guessing - never done it myself.
Applecare does not cover the user throwing the laptop against the wall.
New Posts  All Forums: