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Excuse me but you have obviously not read his signature.  
Fellows,   Good to know that all is well in your world.  Have a Merry Xmas!   =)
Just because you only have Finder running does not mean that other processes are not running, for example you could have Spotlight indexing.
I think the problem is we are devolving.  We hit out peak years ago and the downward slide is here.     I am pretty sure it is not Elvis.  Hendrix I could believe as that man was an alien.   /props to Hicks
If he doesn't want to listen then that his choice.     As for the "problem" I would guess an application or process is hanging that is slowing down the shutdown process.  As suggested above the console logs and verbose shutdown should be investigated.  I can remember once I had issues where I had a lagging shutdown.  To find the issue I went through a sudo kill phase in the terminal to find the process that was responsible.  Not pretty, and luckily the OS is pretty...
  Boffins in disappointment shocker?
Why do you shut down?  Unless something has dramatically changed with the later OS' (I have an old skool TiBook) why don't you just close the lid and let it sleep?
Being a Dr Who nerd I thought decimation was to remove one tenth.
Wonder who pissed in sammi jo's cornflakes?   Until the news has been made public who cares about the tease.  The science geeks can get excited about the smallest things that disappointment may be looming.   +2 for Elvis
  I find it funny that virtually all the pollsters except the wingnuts on the right were pointing to an Obama victory.  Yet you followed the wingnuts, so don't talk to me about the "real world".     Four more years!  
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