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  I find it funny that virtually all the pollsters except the wingnuts on the right were pointing to an Obama victory.  Yet you followed the wingnuts, so don't talk to me about the "real world".     Four more years!  
  Save time.  Assume he knows everything.   Except reality.   I find it funny that someone who screams from the rafters that they are correct can be so ignorant of the real world.  
But hang on!    
  Quote: Originally Posted by SDW2001  To save time, assume I know everything.  
Good for you.
Your point being?  Looks over to Cube sitting in corner...   Also good to see the smilies are still borked!
  Damn it!  Make a snarky comment about Huddlers ability to fix things in a timely manner, and what happens?  It get fixed in a timely manner.   :shakes fist:   Still has to be said that I find the lack of control that the admins/mods/users have over the site is surprising.  Not only here, but also at the 'NN.
I wouldn't hold my breath. Basic things like smilies are still borked. What has it been now? Two months?
I have three Samsung TV's and a fridge, but they needed to have their ass handed to them.  At least try to be different.  
Sweet.   Just remember you are not alone.  Plenty of people feel the way you do; may not have the same circumstances but still feel like there is no other solution.   Remember family and friends.  If something is not working then talk to people to find something better.  Don't rely on the net - too many keyboard warriors!    EDIT:  Also, I am by far not an expert and am very removed from your circumstances, so listen to you the people around you more than...
New Posts  All Forums: