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I think the three beeps refers to RAM issues.  I would suggest making sure all RAM is seated properly and then try to boot again.  Another thing to try is removing sticks of RAM until it works.
Are you able to post any info on where the "technical stuff" stalls?     From memory when you boot in safe mode it also enters verbose mode which is what is showing you all the boot information.  From this it may give us more info on what the issue is/maybe.
Posting this from an iPad this forum is subclass. It is no longer about the members. Look at the amount of posts from members. signal is right, you look for new posts and you get the overlord propaganda. Where are the people?
I load AI out of habit.  Now I get to the first page and think why am I here.  
    Here are the smilies  Clicked on all eighteen smilies and all I got was laughy **** off man.  :head shake smilie that does not exist:   
Something about this update just grinds my gears.  I have bit my tongue and tried to like it, but alas it makes me want to stab someone.  This upgrade sucks dick.  Big floppy donkey dick.   NO SIR I DONT LIKE IT.   (even putting in a disparaging smilie is substandard - this iteration sucks arse)
Girl wants portable and you try and sell her a brick! As someone with a legacy laptop, just make sure you buy a reputable brand which is also powered via USB (or firewire).
Republicans. Nuttier than a nut bar.
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