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I like Terminator 3 because it was about killing bots.
Coming up to my Eighth birthday, and almost my 1k post. Nothing short of prolific, me!
You sir are a genius!
Posting so you don't feel like you are talking to yourself. Radiohead fan, but feels like they have lost relevance since OK Computer. Glimmers of brilliance since, but nothing to compete with one of the best albums ever written. Let us know if the latest is good but I am guessing that Radiohead is one of those bands which reached its zenith years ago.
Watching the news, this one is massive. Cars are being flung around like toys and from what I am seeing the destruction is far from over. This is bad. Real bad.
Suddenly I feel the need to go to Lagos. Forum outing?
And to clarify don't jump on "survive" as hand to mouth existence!
Should have added a to clarify! To me the question is not about how much the top 20% should have but making sure that the "bottom 20%" have enough to survive on. There will always be the super rich who skew the results but look at the average Joe to get a true feel.
It was tongue in cheek, but it always amazes me that in life it seems to hold true for so many things
Easy to answer - 80% Classic 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto principle. What are they teaching kids these days?
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