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Watching the news, this one is massive. Cars are being flung around like toys and from what I am seeing the destruction is far from over. This is bad. Real bad.
Suddenly I feel the need to go to Lagos. Forum outing?
And to clarify don't jump on "survive" as hand to mouth existence!
Should have added a to clarify! To me the question is not about how much the top 20% should have but making sure that the "bottom 20%" have enough to survive on. There will always be the super rich who skew the results but look at the average Joe to get a true feel.
It was tongue in cheek, but it always amazes me that in life it seems to hold true for so many things
Easy to answer - 80% Classic 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto principle. What are they teaching kids these days?
I wasn't 100% sure what you meant in original post. Is it something in your toolbar that you are not wanting? And if so, what is it for? If not, please clarify.
If I am reading your question correctly try holding down the command key* and dragging it off the tool bar. *showing my age as to me this is the open apple key. sigh.
"Zombie Threads" is pretty scary
Congrats to Samoa
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