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That's weird, it works for me on Chrome, from Belgium.
  Tbh, any man worried about looking feminine because of a white iphone should see a schrink and/or grow a pair :)
I use https://mediahint.com/ for some time now and it works great.
"Champagne" can look nice. I remember the Marantz gear in the early 00s. As long as it's not "gold".  
  This. My iPhone 4 is a wonderful piece of design which has been hidden in an awful bumper for all its life. 
Yes, it's great :) It's been a while I'm using iOS stuff but I never own a Mac. My roommate has an iMac since 2007 or 2008 which is still working flawlessly. At the time I used to teased him about the price he paid but the truth is I've had 3 PCs since...
Yes I did (though not for long and in a store), the Nexus is ok but the Asus was really great and cleverly done.
  I had this device for one week. The price is justified, the fit and finish is in another league compared to the Fire or Nexus. It really is a great piece of gear. If it wasn't for Android, which was an horrible experience, I would still have it.
Thx a lot for the help and sorry for the delay in answering. I have installed a little app that shows the temperature and it's never hot. I guess it's why the fan is not working (or too slowly to notice anyway).   I'm really glad to have bought this machine. I somewhat regret my ipad retina screen but everything else is better in the Air. Pity I have to keep a big Dell to play games, I'd love to gently push Microsoft out of my life.
  Mmmm, what ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_per_capita_personal_income   In Belgium the unemployement benefits absolute minimum is around 900$. Same for most of western Europe.
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