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Currently Microsoft is pre-loading Windows tablets with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013. This will likely be an incentive they hope to help drive BayTrail devices later this year.   Example:  The Acer Iconia W3 ($349 USD) is an 8inch Windows 8 tablet using CloverTrail (x86).     Pre-loaded with x86 Windows and Office, Microsoft hopes devices like this can take a stab at potential Nexus 7 or more likely iPad Mini customers.
Outperforms on paper and more than likely in just about every real life application (excluding situations in which LTE would give the iPhone 5 a data connection advantage).   I wouldn't recommend the S4 due to the fact I hate Samsung's skin on top of Android. Despite hype and sales, I've never been too impressed with Samsung's devices, touchwiz is just that bad. For that matter, why do you own one? You clearly dislike the device.   The Google version of both the S4 and...
Please refresh yourself on the meaning of the term 'vaporware'.   Windows 8.1 has already been released to the public in the form of a preview build.  It will be officially released as a free update to Windows 8 in the later part of this year.   Why am I referencing to 8.1 and no just 8? Windows 8.1 will be launching on new hardware from Intel. Namely Intel's BayTrail SoC.   So let's take a step back and look at a Windows 8 device currently on the market.   This is...
You came to that conclusion after I posted relevant specifications of a device in order to allow for an easy assessment of the device's performance and value?   Perhaps I should have just said the device has great performance and value without listing the specifications. Would that of been to your liking?   I'm a technology enthusiast, not a blind fanboy. I've done nothing to earn such an attitude from the likes of you.
If I may add, the ASUS Padfone Infinity is not actually a phablet.   It is a standard 5inch smartphone that happens to have a tablet dock accessory.
Does the truth hurt you that much?
Sales are great for the company, but tablets / 2-in-1 devices using Windows 8.1, powered by Intel's x86 BayTrail, will begin their onslaught later this year (Nov - Dec - Jan). Some will be able to dual boot Android too.   Hopefully Apple can actually create a product that can compete, in the end iOS 7 is still an ARM based OS and cannot do a fraction of the things Windows 8.1 can. 
Is this due to the fact you're having trouble understanding the specifications listed?
There are ways to hide the antenna.    Take for example the ASUS Padfone Infinity. It uses an aluminium unibody:     As you can see, towards the rear base of the device is a discreet break to allow for the antenna and NFC.  
Apple doesn't seem the type to recycle the design of a lower level product. If a budget iPhone does exist, I think it would have an original design.   They want to bring something fresh to market, and at the same time keep the design minimalistic in order to keep a flagship iPhone on the top of their hierarchy.
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