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 Googled?   I never said 'I didn't care for' any of the artists mentioned.  I said those listed were not a very diverse selection. Try to relax.  Maybe island hermit has some Jimmy Buffet you could borrow?   
 OK, then impress me.
Madonna, Gaga, Prince, Springsteen... surprised by the shallow depth and limited range of all your music tastes.   It's like in a world of cuisine, you're only eating McDonald's.  If you're going to do that at least try the chicken sandwich.     Come on Apple people, you're letting team iPod down.  Somebody else has to listen to something with actual beef in it?  Anybody?
 Yes, there's reverb, plus a doubling delay and longer echo.  There's also EQ and not a light amount of compression.  These are all standard, but notice she's pretty flat on the more staccato stuff (shorter notes/syllables are easier to sing, less breath control), but notice as she gets louder the pitch starts a little flat for just a second and then suddenly snaps?  Especially on the choruses.  So the attack on the pitch correction is set slower than the shorter stuff,...
 I said she lip synced her performance. You somehow and incorrectly equated that with me not liking 'her music'. I reminded you it wasn't 'her' music.
  So no argument about Madonna, but Lady Gaga is some sacred cow? I never said anything about her music, merely her performance methodology.  That wasn't even her song on the Oscars, so her music factors zero into her lip syncs.
 Was I talking to you thru your TV? Yes, I'm pretty rad at some stuff, and the audio thing pays for my Macs. Yippee!
Nope.  You can tell the difference between live performances and those that have been pre-taped most of the time by just listening. Since I might be more familiar with different microphones, vocal recording techniques, (possibly the totality of Gaga's 'live' touring setup), etc. so I didn't expect you to spot the same nuances, hence the visual clue for you to look for.  I see you didn't bother doing any of your homework. Plenty of major artists have lip synced the national...
 Fair enough, but yet you believe everything you 'see' on the TV?  Do you think laugh tracks are the actual 'studio' audience for a sitcom taping too?    I bet you've never noticed the eerie familiarity, and exact laughter cadences that seem to permeate all  situation comedies?  -or- Those bastions of integrity in television would never present artificial sounds as authentic.  The International Commission of Televised Musical Integrity would never authenticate the show if...
That Oscar vocal was recorded with a condenser mic, not a handheld dynamic.   A. Given that there's no way to get a condenser mic on that stage without it picking up every click of her heels (not to mention, everyone else in proximity of the stage) on a condenser, that mic she is holding is just a prop. B. It's a vowel heavy song which makes lip syncing easier, but if you watch the hard consonants and mic placement, it's close, but not quite the same as what's being...
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