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Jay Carey naturally sneers, regardless of political association, that makes for a lousy prospect in consumer PR where its all about smiles. The political thing, especially his very high profile in certain ludicrous 'narratives', totally torpedoes his chances of every working for a credible technology company.  Which just leaves Google.  Who knows maybe he could help advertise some of their other products aside from YouTube, which according to Jay Carey, will get you shot...
 Do your own research or not.
Agree and further... They've really only ever been a severely overvalued website.   Their ad business is going on the ropes, the whole analytics thing has always been mostly hype.  Big advertisers are slowly realizing that search is terrible ad space, and the personal demographics, however private, are worthless to generating mind share and brand awareness.  
The "masses" don't use stand alone word processors anymore, they are now a niche application.  Printer sales are way down too, funny how that works. MS and Google are just fighting over last decade's scraps.
And what you're suggesting is the most pathetic, vile kind of tactic and thinking.   Drain the swamp that is Washington, don't empower the corruption further.
Medium of moving pictures?  Like a movie?  Or 'film' if you're going to insist on making a show of it. So uptight.   
 Just reverse Victorian Theater.  Don't be uptight.
 Obviously you've never seen My Left Foot.  It's hysterical, he's in a wheel barrel being crazy for like the whole movie.  Rambling like he's blazed out of his mind, painting with his foot... good times.
   Bravo, sir!
 Its clearly understood why he's doing the voice, its the how he's doing the voice that's very sub standard.  The excuse given was "enhanced in post" but that's press damage control.  Did they pitch shift him?  No.   Did they use some harmonic or modulation effects on his voice?  No.  Did they excessively compress or EQ him?  No.  Did they do anything special to Bale's Batman voice versus all the other actors?  No.  That's just Bale trying to sound low and manly, but...
New Posts  All Forums: