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I don't have a religion. I don't believe in magic. If you belong to a group that believes in any kind of magic, congratulations because you belong to a cult.And yes, very few should.Science is the contradiction to superstition, so it seems pretty silly to use a computer (a device entirely of scientific creation) yet also believe in magic.
What exactly does Islam say about infidel technology? It's a stupid superstitious cult, that should be grounds enough for not getting access to computers.
These studies are all precursors to more government probing. All the screwed up industries are all the ones that have been heavily regulated: oil, power, medical, telcomm, transportation, etc. Government has compounded the problems in each of these, and then worked to provide regulatory insulation for the crap to continue.Time and time again, reality has proven goverment regulation of commerce is not a positive thing, but there's always people who think their next...
I'm calling bullshit on this 'study'. Clearly they failed to factor and mention that Google is simultaneously raping people while driving with voice features. Siri can at least respect the difference between 'no' and 'yes'.
Update count and frequency is an irrelevant comparison. More relevant is that no number of app updates will fix Tidal and Spotify's gaping content library holes.Apple Music might need some work, but its killing at its primary purpose. If you can't manage to make this $10/month music service work, even with a few extra taps, then you probably don't deserve the art you're literally gorging yourself on.
 I'm not angry.  I say these things with love, tough and kinda sticky love.
Yeah, it says don't do what Microsoft people do.1Password has always been a redundant third-party app. Just another in a long line of up-sell productivity garbage. The root of the problem is an individual's initial attraction to clunky stuff like this.Unsubscribe, uninstall and use iCloud. And for those edge cases when iCloud won't work for whatever you're doing, that's your warning signal that it's time to rethink your life.
Just more spokes in the axis of evil.  Google is still the biggest and most prolific of these types of horrible companies.  They have demonstrated on many levels and on several occasions they are a company without any scruples.
And for those times when DDG's own results don't yield fruit, try using a g! before your search terms and it will automatically do an encrypted search thru google, b! for bing and y! for yahoo.  
Spoken exactly like Alec Baldwin of the Film Actor's Guild. 
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