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Absolutely right, but even if his sentiment was correct, he and Apple would be on the equal moral standing, and Cook's comment would still apply, explaining that Sorkin's is still only cockroaching off a recent dead famous guy.In reality, he writes crappy nighttime TV dramas, while Apple changes the world.
What a hypocritical idiot. All the TV's and equipment required to watch and produce all of Sorkin's products are also made in the same factories by the same children making the same 17 cents.
There's no good reason content creators can't place text or an image based ads that won't be impacted at all by most blockers. Its the tracking scripts and invisible stuff that's going to get extincted.The onus should be on content providers to provide data to advertisers about their own site's traffic and the click metrics of an ad. Unless there is a contract provided upfront before content, viewers have zero responsibility to share their habits and data with anyone. ...
Wrong. Privacy has been encroached on in certain areas, and in each of those the fight is very much still on. Most people don't fight in wars, they emote from their couches after reading the news about it.Privacy is going to win. The issues have been targeted on a number of front, and the momentum is with the opposition. Advertisers have to make retailers happy, and retailers will flip on a dime to make their shoppers happy. You want proof?There's nothing stopping...
Gruber charges people for Daring Fireball? Im pretty sure it costs me nothing, and to be fair he presents his ads in a very classy, curated and minimalist fashion. That's not to say what he advertises for isn't usually garbage, it is. Nor is it to say that his political opinions aren't brain dead partisan hack, because as smart and insightful as he is about tech stuff, he's a drooling idiot when it comes to politics. Nothing wrong with him supporting his friends, in...
A security researcher who is holding back details until a patch is available. Gunna have to remember this guy's name as one of the good ones.
These problems may not be mutually exclusive, but one or a few servers changes taking time to propagate across the whole Internet is a constant.
Always been an issue, it's how the internet works.For example, most recently Apple Watch orders started several minutes late in certain regions because local ISPs were slower to propagate when the Store on Apple's site re-opened. In this case it's compounded because there are also several additional mirrors for large installer files.
There's a bug with iOS9 GM weather app, where new cities added don't stick and disappear, don't know if it's related to the Watch since there are some shared weather settings, but I'm only running the beta for iOS9 and watchOS still at 1.0.1 here.
I don't think the whiners ever have any intention of switching, they need someone to listen to them whine, and guarantee if they are doing it here, they are doing it an Apple Store(s) also.There are no comparable Android retail venues with attentive staff to provide attention for these babies. They are basically the same as little brats threatening to run away from home. Just let them go, and they'll tire out and get hungry before getting to the end of the street.
New Posts  All Forums: