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So exactly what is the difference between men and women, ya know... between the 'sexes'? Seems like nature has divided our species into two groups with differing naughty bits, and elaborate sensory systems whose specific function is to detect those interesting differences. So we're all sex objects, just with varying degrees of popularity.I don't understand how people work this into outrage. The idea that porn degrades women is as fantastical as the porn scenarios...
Technically everyone gets into this world thru both sex and violence, lots of blood, tearing flesh, screaming.So while the producers of the Fast & Furious created depictions of violence for art and entertainment, you are responsible for real causing actual physical pain, trauma, and suffering to another person just to get air into your greedy little lungs.Dominic Toretto holds the moral high ground here.
Looks like shortcuts are synced with iCloud, so once the shortcut was created on my iPad, it showed up on my iPhone as well.
Same, but got in maybe a minute earlier.  It was May for a second but by the time I put in the cc security code, it had already changed to June.
Not quite. Abrams re-worked, re-worked script was deemed unworthy and Lawrence Kasdan was later brought in to help/save the project.He's such a lazy, franchise cockroach, can't wait for Rian Johnson to take over before it all gets Abramsed.
Why are the Star Wars graphics so crappy for iTunes? It shouldn't be that hard to photoshop together good looking SW banners. Even the individual movie thumbnails are horribly composed. The episode names at the bottom are unforgivably bad design, they don't even need to be there, since the movie name pops up below. I'm guessing this is a Disney whiff. If you look at their AppleTV icons they are also a crime committed by the same clueless designer. Each one has "watch"...
Incorrect.  The idea that the Constitution is a 'living document' is merely an opinion made by relatively recent authors.  The document itself is specifically clear in which areas are flexible and which are not.  It's sole purpose and reason for existence was to form a 'limited' government.  Not a 'living government' that could grow as much as it wanted or could grab whatever rights it felt like governing. There's an amendment mechanism built in, but there's also very...
 Ever seen the sign "We reserve the right to refuse service". According to our Bill of Rights, the people of the United States reserve that right.  It should be obvious, but the problem with trying to fairly legislate what people feel in their hearts or think in the their head is that it's impossible.  Further it's impossible to find or trust anyone who can judge everyone fairly. There's something depressing about the continued decline of religion in western civilization,...
Baseball, hockey and arguably bowling are also 'sports', and I'm pretty sure most reasonable people don't expect other 'sport' watches to survive a direct impact from a line drive, hockey stick/ice or an accidental smashing between bowling balls.Forget water resistance, what about fire? How the hell does Apple expect me to use this watch after crashing a F1?
 Googled?   I never said 'I didn't care for' any of the artists mentioned.  I said those listed were not a very diverse selection. Try to relax.  Maybe island hermit has some Jimmy Buffet you could borrow?   
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