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Both of Abram's Treks were rehashes. He remade Wrath of Khan twice, the first movie is basically the first half with Abram's soap opera diarrhea filler squirted all over it.Abrams' Star Wars will just be his excuse to reheat the Milenium Falcon and trot out the Darth Vader outfit again.There's a reason they are dumping him after this one, instead of going with the original plan of letting him make all three of the next trilogy.He's a franchise cockroach. The lens flare...
 So?  It's still a normal and common function of being an employee.  There's no screwing in this.  Why should anyone's job be guaranteed indefinitely? Now if they are shareholders too, then they were misled and that is fraud, and hence the 'screwing'.
  What about them?  They will probably lose their jobs...  duh. 
Sorry, musical taste is subjective, but audio reproduction is hard science.  You've conflated "sound quality" with "how you feel about what you're hearing".  Sound quality, when evaluating reference gear like headphones, is defined by the gear's "accuracy".  For audio professionals, accuracy is a very important variable measured and quantified as precisely as possible.  Further, it doesn't matter how complex the sounds are, if something is broken at 10k, it's going to...
Individul artists and writers (just like actors and screenwriters) working under the 'old systems' faced a lot of competition too.  It's always been a highly competitive industry.  Elvis, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra starred in movies, so artists working wherever they can to make more money is nothing new either.  But if you're going to cite Lady Gaga and Briteny Spears as examples of how the music biz works, then I guess nobody but Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are making...
This is an oft repeated, boneheaded canard from those with little knowledge of the overall music business.  Further, it's a ridiculous assumption.   Some bands sell more merch, some more shows, some more licensing and some more music.  There is equal competition in all those areas, across several different genres and there's real money to be made in each.  For brain: please insert more than Mashable and Rolling Stone.
Difficulty? Just take your weak, little, spindly finger and then using all your might, try try try... huffing and puffing as you slightly flick to the left.Once you've managed that impossible feat, make an appointment at the Apple Store, lay your head across the Genius Bar and kindly ask an Apple employee to bash it with a hammer. Presto, album all gone!
How can Apple be getting into health, yet releasing phones that only fat people can fit into their pockets? If so, that structure being built for next week's event is probably a big buffet. Everyone there can pack on the blubs and get fat iPhone ready stretch pants. Or maybe these new bigger phones have built in purse straps so people can carry them around that way?
 Incorrect. Yes, there are different types of encryption! Do you want your fish treat now or later? 1Password has certainly trained you well to jump through their hoops.  Where would I be without their special magic encryption?  Oh yeah, right here and still secure. 
Thanks for showing up late to a dead thread, putting no real little effort into reading comprehension, and then asking for it all to be re-explained to you.   Yes, context is important... and probably something you should have groked before raising the same, already tired nonsense.
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