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Plaintiff's greedy hopes, that's the only reason. Many lawsuits, and the majority of class action lawsuits, are often subject to the same sad human behavior.Worse is that soft headed judges and juries often swallow sob stories without thinking and lash out at anyone named in a case. So there's an established history for big fat irrational settlements and a huge part of the legal industry dedicated to this kind of parasite behavior.
Never said that small time developers get the same support. Apple's developer support surely scales with the size and/or prominence of the developer.Clearly Apple didn't help design the FuelBand hardware for Nike, and their side of anything Nike related has been limited to iOS app and system support. The press has added a lot more emphasis to this as they look for any bones to pick for article content and clicks.
You'd be better off using the man's actual words than including press paraphrasing, but let's focus on your lack of reading comprehension:From Tim Cook at D11:Pretty sure Apple was working on the Watch at least two years before its debut. Also I'm guessing foreshadowing is a literary device lost on you, including blatantly obvious uses. No worries, we'll fix this and have Doc Brown deliver a very sturdy coat hanger to your parents at the 'Enchantment Under The Sea' dance.
It seems you're wrong. Apple didn't help design the FuelBand, and the only extra support they might have received would have been on the getting the iOS app working side. Which if you're been following along, is something that Apple does for a lot of their software developers, as part of their software developer support.
So? Tim Cook said he liked the FuelBand and maybe in his capacity as a Nike board member it's relevant, but nothing done at Apple has any consequence on Nike's FuelBand design and performance. Apple was merely a retailer for this device and they did nothing wrong in that capacity. That's like trying to sue the Apple Store because Microsoft Office is a steaming puddle of yesterday dogfood gravy.Besides Tim Cook's quote is clearly paving the way for the Apple Watch, and...
F*#% vertical videos. Smartphone cameras should default to horizontal, and the control to switch to vertical should be buried deep in a settings control panel. It would best be located right next to the erase all contents button.
And people using their knee-jerk offense over artwork and imagery to blanket panic censor, stands for all that is good about america?
What may look dismissive, is actually just super prescience at peak human speed. Behold as I elaborate for the norms:-Some people may want some of Fitbit products functionality, but nobody really wants to wear or any of their clunky junk, or have it cluttering up their lives. Fitbit has zero style.-Any monitoring functionality for swimming, cycling, etc. is far better served being built into actual sport clothing, and this is where the 800 pound gorilla called Nike, not...
You could have said similar things about the Creative Rio player. The only future for Fitbit is an acquisition... they can try to sell all the peripherals they can, but the core of their ecosystem is now a dinosaur.
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