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Medium of moving pictures?  Like a movie?  Or 'film' if you're going to insist on making a show of it. So uptight.   
 Just reverse Victorian Theater.  Don't be uptight.
 Obviously you've never seen My Left Foot.  It's hysterical, he's in a wheel barrel being crazy for like the whole movie.  Rambling like he's blazed out of his mind, painting with his foot... good times.
   Bravo, sir!
 Its clearly understood why he's doing the voice, its the how he's doing the voice that's very sub standard.  The excuse given was "enhanced in post" but that's press damage control.  Did they pitch shift him?  No.   Did they use some harmonic or modulation effects on his voice?  No.  Did they excessively compress or EQ him?  No.  Did they do anything special to Bale's Batman voice versus all the other actors?  No.  That's just Bale trying to sound low and manly, but...
 Considering Bale's thin, wheezing fake-wrestler Batman voice, I think he's better off not trying to "do voices".  I've always thought that Liev Schreiber should just dub all of Bale's roles, cause at least he's got some fuzz on the potatoes when he hits the lower registers. 
DiCaprio was terrible as Howard Hughes, and there would be some direct similarities to a 'Jobs' character/bio, can't imagine he'd do any better. This whole endeavor has Hollywood schlock written all over it. It's too soon, plus the cheesiest late 90's tv office drama screenwriter, combined with trying to staple on whatever famous flavor of the month lead actor, all so they can squirt this abortion out quickly.
 Well the problem with that threat is that, next month there might only be 11 that follow you back to a PC, by summer 10.  Last year it was 20.   For 70% of users, any hassle with legacy Windows 7 hardware support, won't send them flocking back to PC hardware.  It will only drive them further toward cheaper, easier, more convenient mobile implementations.  Almost every industry is almost directly facing a crossroads in computer hardware, so at the very least you shouldn't...
Then your premise and point were so far out of historical context, that your comment is totally irrelevant. Should we equate the Louisiana Purchase with modern eminent domain policy next?  Bam!
Most of his was just re-spouted from Forbes, then 1 poster, sort agreed with him that Oppenheimer needed to go (speculative fallacy). Anuntks had the idiotic beauco-clown notion that Apple needs to do expectation management.  Which to those of you not familiar with beaurospeak, means spending more time/money on 'public relations' to the financial mass media.  Which is really just more beauroclown double speak for wanting Apple to provide traditional product roadmaps to...
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