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Proper sound, proper speakers, Wharfedale DS1 Active Speakers with Bluetooth. DC in.http://www.wharfedale.co.uk/product.php?pid=74
This stuff is just far too expensive for what it is. I will never buy beats gear for that reason.
Surface 4. The worst of both worlds.
I was wondering if I should participate participate. The life of Brian had the same effect on all those Religious folks and their blinkers.
I've just read the new Siri and dictation privacy policy. I'm shocked, as I understand it you have to either agree or Switch off Siri. Bad Apple. --- When you use Siri and Dictation, the things you say and dictate will be recorded and sent to Apple to process your requests. Your device will also send Apple other information, such as your name and nickname; the names, nicknames and relationship with you (e.g. “my dad”) of your address book contacts, song names in your...
Let me know when you do :-)
I'm getting old, sorry, what the f*%k does YoY mean?
In the UK we use Bin, put it in the bin. It's the shortened word for dustbin. We have dustbin men who collect the rubbish or bin men. Bin is the receptacle for rubbish, trash, or whatever you want to call it. It's actually wrong to call the receptacle trash or waste or rubbish because that's the stuff you put in it. The early Mac localisation was wastebasket,
I've ordered a space grey, purely because I hate the white front.
Wish I had an Apple Watch.
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