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Although I think Samsung make rubbish I have to agree with you, given the high profile Apple execs being iced I think it is a really clever and humorous ad.
I've used Skype, prior to FaceTime, It always bothered me the rubbish quality sound and video and constant dropouts even on fast broadband at both ends. Since Microsoft bought it it's unusable. How do they manage to turn everything they touch in to s**t or in this case s**te. I use FaceTime more and more as the PC die hards are buying iPads and iPhones so it's less of a problem to communicate.
It's not a point just a moan. Everything that comes to the UK seems to come to London and the rest of the country is ignored. We proved that we can put on a magnificent show of support in Yorkshire with the fabulous Tour De France. It's time we decentralised.
Always London. The UK isn't just London FFS.
Why would it Jibe? If they are doing updates every day It may take a week for a particular one to get updated? Doesn't mean to say that they are not updating every day.
They are probably already heavily into iWatch 2 development.
If fox can build robots to assemble iPhones then surely Apple can, and if they can they could move everything to America and cut out the chineese completely. But then who would assemble the robots?
Thank you so much.
I got motion tennis a while ago and played it with ATV through 42" Plasma. It's a bit poor. But there's potential with a better iPhone (currently on 4s) and an up to day ATV. I use real racing through same setup but there's a noticeable lag which is annoyingly disturbing.
Pisses me off that Apple hijacks a parade and blankets it with Apple branding and the like. This is not about you Apple, although your support is admirable, you could have been low key.
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