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I feel better now.
Late 2007 iMac running Yosemite. Runs like a dream. That's nearly 8 years old. It really says heaps about the quality of Apple Hardware and Software. There are no major bugs, just some early wifi issues, which have since been resolved. Yosemite really is fantastic.
Yosemite since release. Minor issues. But superb OS. It is their best os since snow leopard. Keep up the good work Apple.
I'll accept a cheque or bank transfer or old fashioned cash. PM me for details. Thanks Tim.
This is wrong. How do people discover new and different content if all they are ever fed is the stuff that they have previously watched. It's the same reason why they bought beats to help people discover new curated stuff, stuff that's indirectly related. If I eat enough chocolate I get sick of it!!!!
Still not even a wif of a new appletv box. The new MacBook is astonishing.
Are you serious??
It's just a film now I see not a "biopic" anymore.
Give it a chance, it might be surprisingly good.
Samsung are the largest smart phone maker. By a few inches.
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