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Excellent poster, crafted and considered.
Did he trademark "one more shitty thing"?
I think they should not open it up but allow designers to submit designs which can be vetted by Apple and installed by users in much the same way as the App Store. Designers can get paid.
I have a fossil watch which I have owned and cherished for years, if I ever considered purchasing a smart watch though it would be Apple. I am confused as to the reason why traditional watchmakers would deal threatened by Apple and cosy up to crappy android variants, this is not the future.
Is this a product of Apple's internal marketing /advertising team?
I suppose it'll just be for US flights. :-(
A wage that offers a reasonable pay on which to live in relative comfort should be standard and not something we have to constantly fight for. In the UK the minimum wage is peanuts, people have to work long hours to make ends meet, and often gain more on benefits so the governments answer is to reduce benefits. Go figure.
The under the hood changes and interface tweeks since Mavericks are fantastic, I love the way they are going with the desktop OS, it gets better and better and the Mac is a pleasure to work on, and always has been. Well done Apple!
They'll need extra security, I wonder if their staff have the bag search.
There are a number of solutions to this, none of which involve lawyers.
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