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Wish they'd stop showing the shitty mock ups of iPhones/iWatches, they look like Samsung devices.
The initial outlay is huge, agreed but the savings on buying power in the long run will easily pay for the investment. It's all about the money, he's no saint he's a clear headed business man and this makes perfect sense on all levels.
Cut the crap. It's always about money. Producing its own energy saves them an absolute fortune, doing it in a green way saves them even more. As a bonus they get the green recognition. They have billions to throw at this and will never pay an electricity bill.
So selling off our assets to their mates for instant profit, post office, NHS, school buildings, and giving tax cuts to those very same people. Maximised student fees, let pay day loan companies do what they want. Let banks charge more to less well off than they would to well off. Yes this government has managed to rape and destroy the fabric of society as only the Tories know how. They are partly to blame for the banking crisis (thatcher policy). This country is in a bad...
If u play guitar buy an amp much cheaper and less shit.
In the interests of fairness the video could and should have shown no product that had any reference or connection to the case. Absolutely no need to explain patent law in this way. But there wouldn't be a case if they (Samsung) didn't copy and steal. They also did it with Dyson a vacuum cleaner in the UK recently, they just don't care.
As a matter of interest, I worked for a company exclusively running macs, not a small outfit. How many qualified IT professionals did we employ. None. How many man hours were lost on a daily basis due to buggy or crappy architecture. None. Were we happy. Yes. Were we productive.Yes. It won't be long before Apple break the Enterprise lockdown, perpetuated by people like you. It'll take a few years in development but it will happen if not by staff pressure alone. You are...
Keynote beats PowerPoint at every level by a massive margin. Word is a slow, buggy, over complicated piece of cr@p. Pages blows it away for ease of use and price and zero learning curve. Numbers to me is in it's infancy but meets the demands of the average user and has been designed for the user. So what about outlook. Well it is garbage, having to tie in to exchange server and using word as a rendering engine. A joke. Let's face it Microsoft were asleep under balmer and...
New Posts  All Forums: