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I reckon they announced this way too soon. I can't help thinking they have already figured out how to make it considerably thinner and more desirable and the next improved model is just around the corner. It seems like it's been around for ages. I do hope they sell shit loads so I can get my hands on the much improved next version.
Useless cack a fine accompaniment to its premium bloatware.
You can get exclusive worldwide release of shitty U2 album, wether you want it or not. A global company doesn't shut down over Christmas.
In the pursuit of profit many blind eyes are turned. This is the reality. Cheap labour creates a bigger profit margin. To improve this is not about laying down rules and policing them, it's about changing the culture of exploitation and labour camps and this will cost adding extra dollars to the cost of products as shareholders won't sacrifice profit for ethics (ever) it's wether we want to stop buying or pay more.
It is not the toolbar its the top menu bar that doesn't appear when on second monitor.  
The last safari lost the top menu on my second monitor, it is fixed to the main monitor but as invisible but active on my second monitor. Works fine for other apps though,
You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. The whole ethos is designed around pc users who are clueless about the file system, hence storing files with their associated apps. Seasoned Mac users prefer to store files in client folders with appropriate job numbers and the like. One size doesn't fit all but Apple are aiming for this and in many ways do an excellent job.
I ditched photoshop in favour of Pixelmator and have not touched photoshop since. All my work is for web so Rgb all the way.
How do you define 'best'? Should it be popular or most downloaded, bought, highest star ratings etc.. Or someone at Apple's personal favourites. You should not use the term best unless you have something to quantify it with. Sorry, I'm bored smiley face.
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