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The under the hood changes and interface tweeks since Mavericks are fantastic, I love the way they are going with the desktop OS, it gets better and better and the Mac is a pleasure to work on, and always has been. Well done Apple!
They'll need extra security, I wonder if their staff have the bag search.
There are a number of solutions to this, none of which involve lawyers.
Streaming is good business for everyone but the artist, who makes next to nothing. When the artists stop producing the stream will run dry.
Family Sharing?
This could have and should have been handled much differently. Firstly they should have had private discussions with developers of games they deemed questionable. These discussions would have been a better way to go allowing developers to state their reasons or given a window in which to make appropriate alterations. That's my view anyway.
Tim was chosen by Jobs because has the qualities to lead such an innovative company as Apple. Jonny would probably shun the idea of being CEO. What's wrong with companies fighting injustice and discrimination in the world. It is to be applauded.
This is exactly what UK schools need right now. The majority are using self constructed, wholly inadequate xcel spreadsheets that are unmanageable, not share friendly and lack the efficiency of a proper bespoke product. Certain companies have built a solution, but they have based it on shitty xcel. So you are still walking through mud instead of jumping into a 4x4.
I care, it stopped me from upgrading. Waiting for the s version and hopefully this will be "fixed".
My guess is it will change in the future when they bring their own A series chips to desktop and ditch Intel completely. I guess it will be only a few years away.
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