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The market is wide open and the smaller companies are making fast and lean software that professionals would be mad not to look at. I have personally ditched all of my Adobe software, all but inDesign as this is still the best professional tool for any graphic designer, but Photoshop is being seriously challenged as is illustrator. Dream weaver is uselesless, I use coda pixelmator and inDesign. Still not found a good replacement for illustrator. I hate sketch it' feels...
I think it was obviously a general dig at beats gear.They command a premium price for non premium hardware. You are quite welcome to comment but there's no need to be pompous and condescending.
Always said there should be developer app a server app and a client app, the cost for a small business is far too high to implement that's without the cost involved with developing a solution.
Yes I agree, I use it less and less, got myself a youview box and got rid of virgin media (just broadband with virgin) saving 30 quid a month with no difference. Subscribed to Netflix then unsubscribed cos its kak. Now trying Amazon prime but have to stream that from iPad through the Apple TV to watch it on telly. Amazon need some app for a youview box. Really only watch movies in the main and used to rent them through atv, but it costs too much.
Who is buying this ugly overpriced kak?
It's sad that he can't open his eyes, but perhaps he should open his mind.
In my experience, using it everyday, quite heavy usage, its pretty slick, pretty fast and I have not noticed anything that would make me wish I could go back. But you keep looking at those graphs and charts if thats what makes you happy.
Why would you not be running the latest OS on iPhone 4S? It can certainly handle it.
The sticky out camera, hope they focus on getting this design flaw fixed for the 6s, I'm not buying one until they do. Apologies for off topic but that pic just reminded me why I haven't upgraded yet.
New Posts  All Forums: