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I made this video tribute the day I found out. http://youtu.be/xLgfSplR8eg
I have the same Seagate drive as you in my new 27 inch i7 and it also constantly clicks away when I am not really doing anything. I can hear it over the noise of my typing this message right now.
I work at an Apple reseller and I can state that the 2Wire wireless router is the biggest POS router on the planet! And that opinion was formed before Snow Leopard came out. If someone walks in with flaky connection issues I always ask if they are with Telus (they give free 2wire routers with their internet contracts) 95% of the time they are. This was pre SL as well.
In browser mode: Go to: View -> Grid View -> Show Header
I got the new bulb on the energy saver preference pane as well. I did the combo update.
He said Macbook Pro.
Yes how did you do that? Also, is anyone else wanting their desktop to be the Top Sites screen?
I wish that in one of these Mac OS X point releases they would update the red number icons on things like mail and iChat to match the iPod and iPhone. They just look so much better on the iPod and now when I see them on the Dock they look really outdated. Maybe there is someway to update that manually.
Exactly the same situation for me. 1.5GB update to my backup as well. still it took like an hour to prepare.
Out of curiosity I just tried to initiate a Time Machine backup with my airport drive and it is also just stuck on preparing backup. It has been stuck on that for 5 minutes now. I have no significant file changes other than the update.
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