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It'd be wonderful so I wouldn't need to constantly check back here.
 Oh. That's dumb.
I don't know what's more surprising.   The fact that they feel like they can challenge Apple, or the fact that Sony is still around.
 Couldn't have said it better myself.
September 18, 2013. Two days before the launch of the 5S and 5C.
Sounds on the ball.
So, let tell me if I got this right.   Apple keeps the 4S, however only 8GB.   Apple drops the 5, leaving for worse specs?   The 4S is horribly outdated, it won't even get the full features of iOS 7 for cook's sake.   It doesn't feel right having an outdated model stay, while the more current phone is left in the dust.   I know the 5C is basically the 5, but it's prices as a "low-cost" iPhone? Yeah right.
 Kids are the next generation. They learn. But having prejudice like yourself probably wouldn't be able to see the greatness of them.
Yes, trolling isn't necessary.
Any help would be nice.
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