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The advertising industry has more self congratulatory awards and contests than any other, by far outpacing every alternative group with the exception of Hollywood --that other collective of massively insecure creatives who need constant reassurance that their creativity is valued by somebody somewhere.
Damn. Should have installed that sarcasm font. Actually, there are still contracts to be had duplicating cassettes for government agencies who must supply information to the very aged and infirm who cannot read for one reason or another. Guess what playback medium an 85 year old shut in has nearby…. yep, a cassette player. When a stack of phone books are delivered annually to my business, I must sign something in order to refuse them. The point being (sarcastically) that...
 Other things that are not dead… yet: 1) dialup2) cassettes3) typewriters4) phone books
 Interesting question: is it really her voice anymore? Given that a synthesis engine is concatenating phonemes that likely aren't actual recordings per se, is it still her? I wonder if the original contract gave away all rights to use in all media "known and unknown" (likely). Four hours a day for a month under the existing AFTRA contract wouldn't have been chump change, but it still wouldn't measure up to reasonable compensation for today's use, especially considering...
As someone involved in the casting, recording and use of voice talent, I'm thinking she better have been paid a huge buyout fee in 2005, or be getting some ongoing usage fees (sounds like not), otherwise she was hosed.
Cincinnati Bell not on the list.
No accounting in the data for teens under 18? Go to any high school event like a Friday night football game and you'll see that iPhones are omnipresent. My 15 year old went to bed last night with a 15 hour estimated download time for iOS 7 and was up early this morning showing me the new features --already exploring, figuring them out and using them. Me... I'll wait a day or two.   gc
Hey Pete! Pull up your grumpy pants, old man. Your belt buckle just fell below your navel. gc
If a grip didn't have the time to walk 300 yards back to the truck for a hammer and spied a nearby rock that would do the job, would we be hailing him as a bleeding edge tool user? This is utterly ridiculous. Show me the AD's schedule or the camera dept.'s list of gear for the day and point out the note calling for an iPhone shot that day. This was a random act of grabbing something with what happened to be in someone's pocket. gc
I'll be happy if the new iPhone 4S sports these features: 1) doesn't drop calls 2) doesn't inform me of missed calls hours later 3) doesn't pass texts, but fail to receive calls 4) doesn't fail to operate reliably even with three bars ...oh wait... Maybe ditching AT&T would help all of those things. Wassup Sprint? gc
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