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I can only start up by first pressing power button for 10 sec or more, then connecting power cord, while pressing power button. then release . pressing power button immeadiatelly after starts the mac. Fan runs high, battery not charging, power connector shows dull green light. After starting, I removed one bad ram module(3 beeps). reinstalled lion. computer works, camera, trackpad, keyboard. Typing this on the macbook.  tried smc fan control, but it says 0 rpm on fan....
wont boot at all, so external display not an option. Should boot without battery, but will try that anyway. 
late 2008, macbook 13 inch. A1278. won't start at all. My friend gave it to me, after he changed the DC in board connector. Tried resetting the SMC etc. Any other options? 
2012 mini-10.9.4. was running a bootcamp partition with windows 7. booting up, the screen would go into a windows boot mode, saying 'no bootable media'  tried starting up with option key, command R, nothing, always ended up at windows prompt. put it in target mode, and wiped the disc clean, reinstalled osx, but get the same screen. now it chimes, screen lightens, but nothing happens.  any ideas?  macmini, 10.9.4 4 gig ram, 500 gb hdd . base model.
Please mark this as sarcasm. Krugman is just another NYT party Apparatchik.  NYT? American version of Pravda, without the serious journalism. 
The Empire won't fall if you spend Thanksgiving with family, friends. Spending the day running up credit card debt is shear insanity... Wall Street is happy of course,,Washington DC is happy of course.... The whole process of pumping up peoples 'wants' is really disgusting in general, and using Thanksgiving is particularly so....It is a uniquely American, and Canadian holiday-giving thanks for our blessings.   If you can't contain your own 'wants' for 24 hours, its...
Thank you for your reply, seems like it time for her to get a new Mac. 
My friend has a 2008 MBP 17in, running Leopard. She is having random freezes, especially viewing,using PDF files. She ran Apple Hardware test, and the following came up-4YDC/1/4000003: Video Controller. I do know that she has never restored her system software, but does have all updates to leopard.  I suggested to wipe and install Snow leopard, but if the video card is going out, that won't work.  Any suggestions?
New Posts  All Forums: