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Siri rarely works for me. I just went to the site, put in a question using the exact language on the site. (how many regular season games does each NBA team play?) Siri came back with "Here is what's coming up in the NBA for today" Didn't even answer that question correctly.
I wonder what the market share results would look like if the $$ spent on units were reported rather than the number of units sold. The name of the game for a publicly held corporation is PROFITS.
Apple should save some time and just buy ROKU
I'd like to know what that 9 million includes. Is it actual deliveries of phones or does that number include the website orders that won't be delivered for 7-10 days. I always thought the 5 million number put out was the number of phones actually available on the first weekend the phones were available. If they delivered 9 million phones unbelievable. If that 9 million includes unfilled orders, still impressive, but not as impressive.
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