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This is the Wikipedia article-of-the-day (Sunday): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goblin_shark
You so realize the US is a single country unlike the continent of Europe, right?
How can they make USB 2.0 HW become USB 3.0 with a SW update?
I played the game up until level 3 of 99 then was too bored to continue.I think he means reviewing the app himself to get a feel for the game play before committing to it.
Again, supporting 4K files is not the as supporting output via Micro HDMI to a 4K display is not the same as saying you are adding a 4K display in a phone. And none of that includes refresh rates or profiles, or even codec types, which all affect the processing and bandwidth involved. You simply can't make a simplistic blanket statement and expect it to be this Three Musketeers comment.
Weren't there a lot of people on this site saying Samsung would be found innocent? They don't seem to be commenting on this thread.
Don't confuse a chip's ability to process certain media types with some requirement for what a display's resolution needs to be. If that were the case then digital camera displays would have to match the sensors they have for processing an image. The display is about balancing cost with what we can perceive with power usage and capabilities of the GPU and bus processing the data it needs to display. We will get 4K(UHD) capable devices long before 4K(UHD) displays in your...
As Crosslad suggests Samsung doesn't need to find loopholes with the patent because they live in the loophole that is the patent system. Make billions and then get a slap on the wrist.
I'd would hope so, but as Jack C states they might be trying to trying to just offer something in the same price range which could just be a display size jump without any other real benefit. I doubt it would appeal to me at 264 pip but I can see how it might appeal to others.
Can you show any proof that Rogifan said any of that? In general, I seem to remember pretty much everyone wanting Apple to do every one of those things you state were never going to happen.
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