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Update on TRIM issues with Samsung Drives. melgross posted a link to a blog post that supported the argument that there is a problem with enabling TRIM on Samsung drives. However, according to a July 17 update on that post, Algolia no longer believes that their problem was with the drive:  https://blog.algolia.com/when-solid-state-drives-are-not-that-solid/ Therefore, if it Algolia post is the basis of the support that there is a TRIM problem with Samsung drives, that post...
Hearsay is defined as an out of court statement, testified to in court, offered for the truth of the matter asserted. Here the "truth" is that Apple (Jobs) intended to raise prices in violation of the antitrust laws. It does not matter whether it is a written statement or oral. Isaacson's testimony about his notes is double hearsay: he would be testifying about what he wrote outside of court (hearsay) about what someone else said (hearsay) offered to proved that Apple...
OWC is now selling ram for the non-retina Macbook Pros. It is DDR3L 1600mhz ram, so it's low voltage ram (should run cooler) and slightly faster. It would appear it's compatible, but OWC does not make this claim on the website. Does anyone think it is?
Wall Street Journal for iPad is well done, as is Real Racing HD.
Actually, isn't "advanced" an adjective which modifies the noun "discussions?"
Check out Lloyd Chambers' review. His testing showed SL to consistently outperform Leopard, at least for photography related software.
Make sure you update flash. The one that shipped with the disk is buggy.
Keep in mind that even if the Copyright Act permits reverse engineering for interoperability, there is no such fair use defense for patent infringement. Any unauthorized "use" is infringing. It's a big problem in the patent law area.
Will the new chips be pin compatible with the existing mac pros?
Defining the terms is only the first step in the process of determining whether there is infringement, which is done early in the litigation. The court also has to determine validity of the patent. On the issue of validity, the recent U.S. Supreme Court's KSR ruling affords Apple an opportunity to challenge the invention based on the fact that it is obvious to a person skilled in the art. I think this is the patent (Burst.com is not listed as an assignee, but the inventor...
New Posts  All Forums: