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Ok so its been 2 months and we're in the middle of november and i still dont have my iphone 5s gold 16gb. When will it come or ship b/c i am really frustrated with this whole back order crap.can someone give me an update plz.??
Its been 7 weeks and i still dont have my Iphone 5s gold 16gb. It almost 2 months since i bought the phone and still backordered. WTF! tmobile start shipping the first customers and then deal with the ones that just bought their device. tired of this crap.
why are people who ordered their iphone later got it before me??
Who already received their phones?? because its now been 42(6 weeks!!) days and no phone no sign of shipment...!!
speed up and get people their phones! my friend who bought it in october same device, and she had her phone for about 1-2 weeks now!. 
I was one of the first to go to the store and get the iphone 5s 16gb gold and it was put on backorder they said about 5 days. So i waited 5!! weeks and still on backorder!! WTF im really gettting frustrated with Tmobile and apple!
I bought mine from tmobile but it was on the 20th, at a tmobile retail store. I dont know when i will receive it, all they said was 'October'
has anyone received their iphone 5s gold 16gb yet? its been 33 days since i've bought mine and still no iphone.
It really stupid how Apple created the 5c and expected them to sell more than the 5s. Only Giving a store 100 iphone 5s's and selling out, then saying "success". It's really stupid, they should of stuck to just making the iphone 5s. 3 colors and giving the apple fans what they want.
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