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Ordered 2 space gray and 1 16gb gold on Sep 29th. Shipped today. It was supposed to be shipped last Sunday but for some reason it didn't. Could be because I switched from AT&T to Verizon. It is expected to arrive Wed, 30th.   
Shan, I think you saw the post on Verizon discussion board that they are finally starting to ship the gold phones. Looks like you're an active user there. I can't post there since I am switching from ATT to Verizon, I don't have a login info. Hopefully only one more week to wait, fingers crossed. 
Verizon had to carry over orders from end of Sep to October.  http://allthingsd.com/20131017/verizon-could-have-sold-more-iphones-in-the-third-quarter/
Verizon is killing me, I ordered mine on 9/29 through Verizon obviously and still no update. I got the following quote from Anandtech forum: "Order my Iphone 5 s 16 gb gold on oct3-13 from att website with shipping date and delivery 11/12 12/02 Just received an email two hours ago with with tracking number I almost die could not believe my eyes So it's in Texas now hoping for Friday delivery Anyway I think that every one will get theirs earlier"   Verizon, I need my...
Verizon sold 3.8 million iphones in the 3rd quarter. Assuming most were 5s, we will have to wait a while. On a side note, Verizon wireless has 51% profit margin.   http://money.cnn.com/2013/10/17/technology/verizon-iphone/index.html    Ordered 5s (gold) Sep28th through phone, estimated ship date 11/11. 
Yeah Shan, it looks like everyone who ordered through Apple are getting theirs faster than ordering through a carrier.    Here is the link I use to check the status http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/orderstatus/OrderStatusForm   I just noticed that if we order through Verizon today, the ship date is same as ordering 2 weeks ago. 
Shan, I ordered one gold and couple of Space greys on 9/30. My order status says, "ships by 11/11" That's it. I know if I had only ordered space greys they would have arrived, but they ship all your phones at once so until the gold comes in, they won't ship. Reading this and couple of other forums, it looks like people who ordered on the first day are just now getting theirs. Hope this helps
Bolderright, is it gold? Ashleyf, when did you order yours? 
Here is a good way to check what's available near you. I am not sure how accurate it is, you can alway call and ask.  http://iphone-check.herokuapp.com/?zip=74136&color=gold&provider=verizon
Good question, I don't know. I know ATT ships phones as they are available, for ex: if you order a space gray and a gold, they will ship you the space gray then gold whenever it comes in. Verizon ships everything at once. 
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