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I have the latest iPad which is 9 months old with Apple Care.   I don't know if that has anything to do with it but they didn't hesitate after they did a quick check on it. I didn't question the replacement, I took it and ran.They gave me the same one with the same amount of gigs. I have never had any problem with Apple Customer Service, in fact it's some of the best I have ever experienced. If your still having problems I would take it to an Apple Store Genius Bar and...
I solved the problem. I brought my iPad back to Apple and they gave me a new one. The person I dealt with said he wouldn't download IO7 until he knows all the bugs have been worked out. The one I got has IOS 6 which I plan on staying with until I know IO7 is fixed.
I updated my iPad 5 with IOS 7 and have had nothing but problems using Safari. It's frozen when it comes up. You tap on something or try to scroll and the delay is sometime 20 seconds or more. I brought it to an Apple store and the re-installed the operating system after doing a diagnostics on it. The problem still exists. Anyone with the same problem or even better with a solution.
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