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Service Type \tÂ*Â* \tFedEx 2Day Service I didn't ask for that one. They have been upgrading everyone
Mine has 'shipped'
I hate...'Being Assembled' Because it is still on that
I got an email from apple saying it would be at my house August 24, and they would start shipping it soon. Even though, it is not under 'Shipping' or 'Being Prepped' on their website
They need to get into gear then and start shipping mine to my house . Its still be 'assembled' according to order history.
Steve Jobs makes a shitload of money :eek:
riiiiight.... [Laughing]
The Powermac G4 got its ass kicked [Laughing]
[quote]Originally posted by starfleetX: This isn't breaking news. Apple never said that 10.2 wouldn't support older Macs. It supports the same Macs that 10.0 and 10.1 do. Is there anything else you have to add?
I think he got QE and 10.2 shuffled together somehow.
Yes, you do have to pay sales tax
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