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I've had bad luck with Western Digital, so I sprang for a Samsung Momentus Thin (7mm) 320GB, 47 euro option (including shipping and sales tax) through my local repair shop, ordered from a Bulgarian distributor: http://www.mostbg.com/most/Item.aspx?itemid=49041.   It's just now arrived, 7 hours later, and there is indeed the proper casing included.   For anyone interested, aside from altech.bg, options in Bulgaria seem to be limited to: jarcomputers.com mostbg.com...
Good to know! ...pesky marketing sector   I would love an SSD, but I'm a very poor Mac owner (I even considered a used 160 GB HDD), so if you'd like to donate the difference to me, plus shipping and import taxes for Bulgaria, I will happily jump on the SSD bandwagon with you :P
Hello, I need to replace my internal HDD on my mbp (late 2011, 13"), however the drive I would like to purchase does not appear to have a normal enclosure like the one that came with my macbook. Is this going to be a problem to install "as-is" in my macbook? I know that normally internal drives come with top casing that hides the internal components.        Seagate Momentus Thin 320 GB (7mm) The HDD I can acquire and want to install     Seagate Momentus 320 GB...
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