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I agree that Kimmel is funnier, but I think Fallon is "funner."
I only read the headline...can somebody tell me if this "Basis Science" company is seriously gonna buy Apple?  Sounds cool.
I guess "professional-grade" is kindofa subjective term....
Does it really qualify as a rumor to say that something is NOT going to happen? If so, I'd like to start a rumor that Apple will not be introducing a new Cube at this event...
Now, when will they acknowledge and fix the bug that makes my 4S drain the battery about twice as fast as it did under the previous iOS?
Well, I guess there's no flop so big that you can't top it on your next effort...
Me too...where did the 1.64 GB come from?
The best plug-in company out there, Universal Audio, lets you demo all of their plug-ins for 2 weeks.  And not some lo-fi version or anything, but the complete, full-quality plug.  They know they many of us become so enamored with their excellent plug-ins over the 2 weeks that we find we can't live without them and make the purchase.  If more companies made truly great products, they would have no problem letting users demo them.  
So, if I'm hearing you correctly, Apple needs to get on top of barely legal teens...
Apple certainly doesn't need my advice to succeed as a company, but to me, they underestimate how much difference there is in the mind of the typical consumer between a pricetag that starts with a "2" as opposed to a "3"...But what do I know!
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