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I'm looking forward to the day when a Google search on the word "jihad" has the feds at your door arresting you in 20 minutes.  Actually, that's too small...we need the government to be able to monitor our thoughts at all times and preemptively arrest anyone who may be considering doing anything illegal at any point in their life...
You think fraud and corruption is limited to one side of the aisle?!?!  Wow...I'm speechless.
Awesome to go through life with such an open mind...we sure learn a lot by only listening to people with whom we already agree, eh? 
You can join it wherever you are, friend...for it is within your soul!  :>)
Funny how there are TRILLIONS of dollars to spend on wars that accomplish nothing, but as soon as somebody tries to do something to help people, we are FLAT BROKE!    #berniesanders
The cynicism in the comments so far is only outstripped by the weak, shallow, and tired arguments used to showcase said cynicism.  In reality, not a one of you will ever pay one penny for the subsidy for internet to the poor.  Some of these poor people will use the internet for nothing but entertainment and will continue to be a drain on society...this is undeniable.  But for every one of those people, there are TEN single moms working two jobs that will be able to shop...
If I were going to make a $139 million payment to you, how would I go about it exactly? PayPal?
Really?  You would actually use the word "excellent" to describe them?  I only watched the watch ad, but the guy on the right could not act his way out of a paper bag.  If you think having one of the 2 actors in a commercial being barely competent makes for an "excellent" ad, then I suppose we just have different definitions of excellence.  Peace.
Another ruling designed to crush the consumer and uphold the antiquated ways of the evil corporations. I live in the mountains where, even though I am only 20 miles from downtown Denver as the crow flies, I cannot get TV via an antenna. And even cable conveniently stops a few hundred feet from my neighborhood so my only option was to get locked into a long-term, expensive contract with a satellite company. Aereo was a godsend. Figures that somebody would find a way to...
I guess Apple will pass on grass...good to know they are pulling the weeds when they need to...
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