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What kind of ordering problem did you run into? I'm curious if I am in the same boat. I ordered mind via att on 9/24 and att is just confused on where my order is. Other orders already shipped and mine "should ship soon" according to them. 48 days and counting on a gold 5s 32Gb
I'm on day 46 waiting for an iphone gold 32gb from AT&T. Has anybody been waiting for just as long? It looks like a lot of orders have shipped by now for anybody who ordered an AT&T gold iphone from launch day until mid oct.
Minus my order which is in an AT&T black hole, I was told this morning that Gold AT&T iPhones are shipping in 7-14 business days now. My buddy who ordered a 64GB gold iPhone on 10/15 shipped last night. 
I'm jealous. I'm at day 38 and no news from AT&T at all. I order a gold iphone from tmobile as a gift from my dad Sunday morning and it got here today.
What did I lie about?
What did I lie about?
 I spoke to AT&T customer service today. These are their current estimates for gold iPhone 5S orders: Gold 5s iPhone and it's now showing at14-21 business days for the  16GB21-35 business days for 32GB 28-35 business for 64GB
I meant to quote the post below. See next post. 
Thanks for not being helpful and judging posts versus sharing your experience. This thread has people sharing their stories to see if long delays are comparable between ordering methods. Please add to the conversation, not judge it.  As for the people who are contributing to this thread, my recent experience shows that you will receive a gold phone much faster if you are a new customer. If you're on the fence about switching carriers (especially to t-mobile for their new...
What I have noticed in difference in experiences:   Upgrading via AT&T - Estimate ship date Nov 1st-21st. Gold iPhone 5S ordered on 9/24   New customer via T-mobile - Ordered Oct 27th, has shipped already and will be here on Nov 1st. Gold iPhone 5S 16 GB.    Looks like if you're a new customer you're going to get higher precedence than upgrade customers. This is not evidence but my current experience. I wonder if newer customers overall (people who switch) are...
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