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"WARNING - This update turned me into a newt"   Gingrich?  OMG! 
Now is they would just come up with a subscription level that covers JUST the iPad version of the software, I could actually use these programs.
I've downloaded the free apps, and they will be useful on the road for opening complicated Word, Excel, and PP files when people forget to send them to me as pdf. As far as editing, I'll be much more excited if/when M$ comes up with a more rational pricing plan for people who would like to use the apps on their mobile device, but don't want to install Office 365 anywhere else. $99 per year just to be able to do the odd editing on my iPad is a bit much.
Has anyone noticed that the younger generations are not wearing watches? Outside of the groups of tech-geeks that would have been the first to own calculator watches in my generation, who are going to wear these things? Weekend athletes? I'm just wondering who the market is going to be.
From another article on this issue, it was explicitly mentioned that the attacker needs to have physical access to the phone. There is likely a LOT of personal data stored on peoples phones; it occurs to me their Starbucks account will be the lesser of their worries. If you lose your phone, it's a race to iCloud to wipe it!
Did anyone see "Demolition Man" (Stallone/Snipes)???  When the fingerprint sensor came out, people were totally freaking out that thieves would cut off your fingers to so they could unlock your phone.  NOW people will be scooping your eyeballs out?!?!  OH THE HORROR!!!
Given the recent revelations regarding the lack of credibility of these types of reports (http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/11/16/the-curious-case-of-idc-gartner-strategy-analytics-pc-phone-tablet-data-on-apple), I'm not even sure why these "reports" are reproduced anywhere but the gossip columns. And Chromebooks in enterprise? Even a casual review of Google's stated policies on privacy (hint: there is none) would seem to rule out the use of cloud apps by any company...
In related news, the Samsung corporation hires actor Ashton Kutcher to wander around the Samsung corporate office dressed in turtlenecks and jeans, and yell at developers and tell them they are totally worthless!
As with most other things in life, you get what you pay for.
I'M SHOCKED!!!! Someone actually READS USA Today? I had no idea. I just use it to pick up dog poop.
New Posts  All Forums: