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What part of "Apple begins shipping LTE-..." do the last 15 posts have to do with the thread?    Mod, please put this on track.
Now shipping from Shenzhen, tracking shows Nov 16 arrival.
Ah, bummer.  Mine showed arrival on Nov 16th yesterday and was just updated this morning to Nov 20th (next day delivery).
  It was originally showing standard shipping with delivery Nov. 21.  I called and they upgraded to overnight on the 16th...no charge!  Awesome.
anything will be better than the craptastic PVR / TV interface I have to put up with right now. Designed by a chimp. rediculous. madenning. stupid.
Perhaps, but I think Apple made a big mistake here and many users will be in the same 'tard filled boat with me. We expect Apple to think this kind of thing through so we don't have to.
You can change your ID for iCloud? Perhaps, but not to an existing iTunes ID. Example: I logged into iCloud, clicked my ID. Clicked Apple ID. Which takes you to:https://appleid.apple.com/cgi-bin/We...MyAppleId.woa/ Then you 'manage your account'. Apple ID is unchangeable. Primary Email Address is changeable, but if you use an existing Apple ID email address you get: "Email address is already verified for another Apple ID." So, I don't see what you are talking about.
Cliff Notes: Apple's shittastic service improvements leave user screwed. So I originally had one ID with Apple years ago, not a me.com or anything else. Then I signed up for Mobile Me. They gave me a me.com address....but I always signed into iTunes with my original ID, so I now had 2 ids. Then I did the transfer from Me to iCloud. This id is ONLY associated with the xx@Me.com address because of how they transferred it. But I just signed up for iTunes Match since I...
After OS X Lion every time I connect my windows laptop to my iMac 27" (Late 2010) and do Command + F2 to use the laptop with the iMac screen and then when done go back to OS X.... I no longer can see my cursor. The cursor works and exists because if I hit corners and the top I can hit menu items. I just can't see the damn thing. What's up with this and anyone else? It's really frustrating and I usually have to hold the iMac power button to get out (parallels and...
timers, reminders and alarms are worth it for me. so easy to do vs that craptastic ical.
New Posts  All Forums: