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iphone. ipad. both already decent remotes. i doubt there are many appletv owners that don't have one or the other or both
In August it was said that Ultrabook makers were out-muscled by Apple for acquiring unibody metal chassis for ultraportable notebooks. wait, didnt apple do the first true unibody?
omg, shiny beats oil. well, next rumor of a rumor of a rumor of a gas leak from cheney's butt will raise Exxon above APPL.
I'm in line. Where's the juice and cookies?
smart. its an appliance. probably hook into the great Prime media ecosystem. $99 year all you can watch and listen and covers package shipping too. Amazon will do well with this and it'll be rootable for the geeks. win.
well, pinch to zoom was right here and patented. http://www.engadget.com/2008/05/30/t...jobs-inventor/ if they don't like playing by the patent office rules, they should go invent their own shit.
Product Manager to Vice President. Nuff said. He is building his career. Might have family in Nashville. Probably getting more money. Might already be vested in his Apples. Can't see him losing on this move. Probably dozens of Product Managers at Apple. He's stepping up.
I don't think they ever say how much Ram, it's always through ifixit teardowns. that said, expect 512mb.
In the refurb store they are currently $399.
i'll be surprised if the new ipad doesnt have a thunderbolt connector. I'd also expect an apple hub soon perhaps.... hopefully in the shape of Steve Jobs head and you plug into the ear, nose, etc.
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