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Shortened battery life: The hacked software has caused an accelerated battery drain that shortens the operation of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on a single battery charge. Confirmed. Whenever I use MyWi my battery life suffers. it's worth it to be able to wirelessly tether.
The Refurb store is my favorite place. These items arrive in a refurb brown box, but you'd never know they aren't new. The warranty is the same and if anything, they've been tested more than the regular store products. You can't beat the price. I've ordered several items and they've all been flawless. The last refurb item that I purchased was a Macbook Pro and it was perfect.
it fits right in with the glass to the edge detailing like the iMac and Macbook Pros. I think it fits right into a next generation design and a ceramic back would be nifty. I really like it. And I can see how separate buttons for volume could allow one of them to be the camera button. Very nice.
I guess I'm one of the lucky ones... mine is a january model i5, flawless, ordered from amazon. i've never been happier with any computer i've bought so far. it's nigh on perfect.
buy me one and I'll ship you one. do you have paypal?
i've owned a ton of computers and this is by far the best yet. Although it isn't upgradeable other than the ram, you CAN use it just as a monitor in the future, and the screen is amazing.
Tuesday for sure. This was clearly targeted to developers. Game changing? yes, in a subtle way. Impressive to a regular joe? no. This is an OS, the features will be progressive and in most cases mundane additions or refactoring / rethinking of existing features. It makes it a solid operating system that is well thought out and usable. The less I have to 'do' to make it work the more productive I am in the long run.
let us know when all android phones have a decent touch interface. It's ok (on the ones that support it) but sucks in certain apps, like maps. very inconsistent. ick.
with your reasoning we'll have to fear the next freak with 4 feet of sausage C4 up his bum. Imagine the security screenings after that!
it looks ok, but i don't like the feel of rubberized stuff, so it's a no go for me. but i am really really hoping twelve south makes an ipad case. i love their book book. great concept, nice hide. http://twelvesouth.com/products/bookbook/
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