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this is great. the iPad is similar to a toaster - meaning it is a nice appliance that does exactly what it is advertised to do. hmm, i wonder if they'd make you unpack a toaster.
get one of these and access it in your pocket. You can even set up specific SD cards for each need / client, etc. Much better than trying to send them to the iPad. Just use the web interfaces and browse for what you need: http://www.airstash.com/
What a useless device, can't make phone calls and doesn't fit in my pocket. what was apple thinking? they should make something that is small enough to fit in your pocket and makes phone calls....oh wait... this story is bizarre. This is clearly not advertised as a phone or an iPhone replacement. I don't get it.
Bet nice to SlotOn!
clearly, apple is doomed. i think the ipad is surprisingly excellent. it does exactly what it advertises, and faster than you thought it would. A+.
double dare doomed!
i'm sure the refurbs will be $399 soon enough. $299 is a little ridiculous.
get the i5, you won't regret it. refurb IS the way to go.
is this a twitter review, or do we get some detail?
what do you mean you have to rebuy iteleport?nvm, i noticed the iPad version. fark!
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