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I wish I could sell my 4000+ rollover minutes or convert them to 'signal'
psssah, if they don't want to pay the price of admission, I say they should go publish on the 'open' android market. I'm sure there are enough Galaxy Tabs to cover their subscriber needs. lol. Or, if that doesn't suit them, make their own damn tablet.
almost as many apps as windows phone 7
shipping when? omg.
Well, we can guarantee its not going to be the ATV. or...
great, then we all get to beta test the new app store. yay.
Xbox is still 60 decibels. I dislike a vacuum cleaner noise while watching anything.
But in my experience with the Roku, which I like...it has a terrible flaw: it saturates my network and makes it impossible to do anything else on it, like surf on my iPad while watching Netflix. Whereas the Apple TV has no such issues while watching the same movie on Netflix.
good, i'm glad this is over. now steve can get some sleep. meh.
New Posts  All Forums: