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It's still pretty snappy!
Naw, the Zuck has his ego driving his company. There are no left turns to look at the Apple patch.
"Pain in the Ass" well, for enough money???
I wouldn't expect to be typing the great american novel on your ATV. Your other extreme is this kind of garbage, and I'd much rather have a simple remote that is functional and works well (which the ATV does). I personally use my iPhone or a Harmony for all devices, 99% of the time it's the Harmony except when typing.
my experience is exactly the opposite, I had a Roku, now it gathers dust. I should unplug it since it's just leaching power. The interface was ok, but the netflix experience absolutely sucks in comparison to the ATV, it seemed to have issues streaming anything better than SD content on Netflix, where the new ATV is a solid stream. The Roku netflix menu is horrible with too big movie 'boxes' or whatever they're called. regarding the keyboard onscreen, give the remote...
I just want to airplay Angry Birds on my 52" TV, is that too much to ask?
Raff out Roud! ROR!
Even the Air Conditioning guy was using an iPad yesterday. Pretty useful, I think we're going to see tablets everywhere soon.
powerline sounds expensive. It is getting cheaper. Frys.com sells their FR-300RTR (it's a rebranded dlink wireless N router) for $29. I decided it was time to create a separate network bridge just for video streaming...so for less than $75 I bought two of these and installed DD-WRT firmware and it's a happy place. I have the new Apple TV and Roku plugged into that bridged network. My two bridged Airport Extremes are now used exclusively for the multiple ipads, iphones...
There is a $99 upgrade charge.
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