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ok, i said i was tired of paying for upgrades, but after a few drinks tonight I decided to buy the upgrade. Let me say this bluntly: WHAT A FUCKING DISASTER. It upgraded then installed the parallels tools...without ETHERNET. No fix, won't install no matter what in Windows XP Pro. I'm an idiot to think they'd have anything better than a beta for version 6 running today. Downgraded to 5, very pissed and out $49.99. What a waste of my time. I knew better but...
Newsrack. Buying out the app that currently owns the name. [insert bs here]
and in related news, McDonalds sold more Big Macs this week than all the iPads combined! Clearly everyone wants a Big Mac and not an iPad. Epic fail Apple! The kinect has some issues that need to be resolved...like shooter games... I guess you can prance around and flap your fingers like a butterfly and shoot people, but nothing compares to a trigger. pew pew pew!
I use this product every day, it's essential. On my iMac i5 it runs windows xp blazingly fast with 3gb ram, it's better than native for my uses. But I'm very tired of paying $50 every 7 months. Very tired. The only thing in this upgrade that looks interesting is the iPad app, but I already have iTeleport to do that, so... I'm skipping the upgrade this time. I've bought every version since day 1 (was an original beta tester). They have enough of my money.
Car Audio Airplay?
Ad fail. creatively, I like it. Definitely un-microsoftie. However, they need to get people to know how the UI works, otherwise it's just going to fade back into the mirage it came from in that ad.
ok, new UI. cool, sure. how do you close a &$#^$ tweet link when it opens a new pane? total UI failure. wtf. I haven't been so frustrated at an app since windows 3.1.1 when I couldn't get networking to connect to a stupid 2400 baud modem.
I don't like Ping, it doesn't allow you to be anonymous. Your real name is what is shown. Dislike. Bad for children, adults and everything in between.
Hmmm, Airplay reminds me of Zune squirting.
Jailbreak + airplay. Nuff said.
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