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I don't get the Netflix tie in. Doesn't that ruin the iTunes movie rental model? Or maybe Apple is buying Netflix? Either way it doesn't yet make sense to me.
Definitely social only, their streaming sucks. I've ordered a movie every Sunday this month and it takes over an hour to download to 28% or so where you can start watching. And I'm on a 12mb connection. Very non-on-demand. I forgot that I was downloading Green Zone tonight. Started at 1715 its now 2020. 39% and says 1 hour to go. Streaming service my ass.
I quit netflix a couple of years ago. I signed up again today. Got the woot special Roku for $59 and Netflix is now everywhere. $8.99? Really? Cannot beat this.
tree fiddy.
Until I see shipping product it's all vapor. What is there to compete with the iPad? joojoo? Yeah, there will be tablets 'soon' but until then, I wish they'd all shut up and get back to work on delivering something that isn't a freaky bad clone of the iPad.
Personally, I'd wait a week to run this. comex et al are a good group, but it's always good to let a few days to a week pass before you brick your phone.
My black bumper showed up yesterday. I put it on, it's actually a nice case. It lasted all the way up until I went to plug it into my audio deck in my car. Case fail. I still stand by the fact it's a great phone without a case. Has a good feel to it and I have yet to see a scratch on it even though it's been in my pocket with keys since release. As a matter of fact, I've never gotten a scratch on any of my iPhones since version 1 and they've all lived close to a...
I hope it works better than the magic mouse. Mine only kept it's 'magic' capabilities for a week or so. This is a common issue with the iMac + magic mouse.
yeah, i was noticing an old 30" at the apple store last week and it was funky fat looking.hmmm, this might fit nicely next to my 27" iMac... lol, that would be silly...
hmm, where's the new Apple TV?
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