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i have zero issues but will pick up the case to hold on to for when i sell the phone next year. the phone is excellent. nuff said.
you're lucky yours works. mine lost its guestures after an update... so I quit using it. however the BT keyboard seems to work fine, the batteries lasted for almost 6 months.
Current Apple TV can use the BT Keyboard?
it's the new external bluetooth antenna. You shove it up your....
I don't have issues, I don't like cases, probably won't get one but free is free, might be good to have around when I sell it to get the iPhone 5 in a couple of years. But the good point of this whole thing is: those complaining loudest (most likely non-owners), you can get a case and STFU, return the phone and STFU, or just STFU.
Yet another repeat story, imho.
No bars is the fix. It's your signal stupid! lol.
More grandstanding by the Senator, but at least its something. I accept your title.
Someone show me the Senator's recent letter to BP. He's clearly working on the important issues.
This kind of crap pisses me off. Apple has always come through if there were issues. Give them some time to figure out if there really is an issue. Grandstanding by the honorable senator. He needs to STFU and only get involved if there really is a problem.... And then he should call upon CR to test ALL phones for the same issue. Start writing that letter Senator.
New Posts  All Forums: