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yes, i do have an iphone 4, i was one of the idiots that reserved one and waited for 3hr 50min in line for it in the AZ heat. Fucking hot, 107* that day. Apple took care of us, food, ice cold water and lots of cheer.The phone has been exceptional. Everywhere I use it.There probably is a problem, but it isn't any bigger than the iMac 27" screen issues or any of the others through the years. If they recall (doubt it), so be it. I also bought the 'defective' iMac 27"...
I, on the other hand, HAVE ZERO issues. Bring yours back, get a 3GS in the interim until 'whatever' issue you're having is resolved.
if people have issues with their phone bring it the fuck back. Can we get on with life? This is so lame.
No issues here. For those that have issues, return it. - Get whatever flavour of droid that takes your fancy. just STFU and get on with life. Spend your time doing something about the gulf spill. Contact your reps in congress, put your fat mouth to work for something worthwhile!
as long as i continue to get email on my iphone, i could care less... so...does this claim also cover webmail on a phone? That would be silly...
I've never had an issue, the phone is the best I've every had. Design is amazing. Software is the best in the mobile business. If you don't like it, take it back. Go get that Froyo phone you've been secretly wanting all along. Well, you'll probably have to wait until 2012 since Froyo is a vapor release.
Flawless for me. Beautiful design. I'm going caseless this thing is a beast, super solid construction. it's been in my pocket with my keys since release, no scratches. (never put a screen protector on any previous iphone, never had an issue).
i've tried a few and iTeleport is well worth the money. The support is great too. I especially like that they updated it for the iPhone 4, even though i have 90% of my use on the iPad. But the iPhone 4 is nice and clear with this app. Great program. I use it for windows and os x. their client is great too because it uses google for the setup, no need to do any port forwarding.
I have zero issues with mine. if you don't have this phone, i don't think you can comment, imho. anyway, i think its all FUD by the vapor froyo boys. 2.2 is still not here, but it's a killer... lol
Steve missed his chance: One more thing! RUBBER BABY BUGGY BUMPERS! the crowd roars!
New Posts  All Forums: